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  1. I recently received the biometric appointment for at ASC what I noticed is it did not list case type I 485 it only listed for I 765 should I expect another appointment for 485 or need to reach out uscis
  2. H1 is filed for me for this year to convert from L1 to H1. Already have a I-140 approved during L1. But the receipt that I got for H1 Application does not include the priority date of I-140. Would this be an issue for processing my application. As I ahve already spent 4 years on L1 in USA. So applying for H1 expecting to get the H1 approval for 3 years based on I-140 approval.
  3. I have H1B approved in 2007 and valid from Oct of 2007. However I am in usa for past 3 years on L1. Can I still use my H1 B approved now??
  4. My employer has applied for wage card to start processing of GC at department of labor, itsgetting delayed,and when asked lawyer replied back saying that DOL has told the Wage card process is kinda stopped temporarily Is this true anyone also heard about it???