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  1. Can I apply for H4 extension when I am on H1 and continue on H1 even after H4 is extended ? Or my H1 automatically changes to H4 on H4 extension?

  2. rohang

    h4 stamping after expired i-94

    Any update on your case ?
  3. rohang

    H4 Visa under Administrative processing

    Any update on your case? And reason for administration processing?
  4. Hi, one h1b extension is pending for 240 days , beneficiary can't work, but stays in US (till final decision comes). 2 questions 1) is it ok to be on bench after 240 days? If bench and LOA( leave of absence) are 2 different options in employer HR system. 2) how does USCIS determine if beneficiary was really working ? As being on bench will continue all employee benefits (salary + insurance ). thanks
  5. Both, with date range for each location. Location A - ( till July end ) Location B -( Aug 2017- )
  6. rohang

    H1b renewal based on I-140

    You can keep using I140 for any number of extensions, irrespective of number or employers Y Z A B C.... only thing you need is, a approved active I140(doesn't matter which employer). Or above rule is applicable in case of inactive/revoked i140, if i140 was active for 180 days in past .
  7. You cannot transfer, as you don't have valid h1b. i hope you are not working after 240 day limit.
  8. hi, My reportee (we both are from consultant company) received RFE for extension for 2 basic reason. 1) establish Employer Employee relation 2) proof whether specialty work exists. =============== to respond to this, I think company can take care of it. (letter signed by me + previous appraisal letters + appointment letter etc) But for point 2), I don;t have SOW to share, but we can get client letter with his name on it. I just want to know, if this should be enough. It will be helpful if someone who had similar experience can answer. I know company lawyer should help, in this case, forum will be faster. trust me!
  9. rohang

    Parents Visa process on H-1B transfer

    visitor visa has no relation with your immigration status.
  10. 1) 60 day rule only apply when your I94 is still active. 2) yes, but finding project is not enough. You need to get h1b approved (cap-exempt) 3) yes, it will be cap-exempt h1b
  11. rohang

    H1B Transfer with Approved I-140

    you can use your I140 for future extensions.
  12. rohang

    H1b transfer info

    only if your previous I94 is still valid.
  13. W2 and US paystub should work fine for h1b extensions etc. But for GC, you may need that letter. So try to leave them in good terms (if possible).
  14. Yes, you have time. You can still use i140