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  1. goodfriend


    H1 and H4 attended the interview. Got my h1 with visa in passport but H4 (EAD) still in admin processing. VO approved our visas in the interview
  2. I recently went for Visa stamping in Hyderabad (December 6th). The VO officer approved our visas in the interview. I got my passport next day but my wife who is on H4 EAD did not get her passport back. The online status shows that it is in Administrative processing. I called/emailed VFS and I keep getting the same response every time. Not sure what is happening. I have my return planned on December 25th and looks like I might have to postpone my return flight. Anyone in Similar situation?
  3. @ Irvine.... thats correct... Calendar days includes holidays and week ends... Please see my post at top of this page... mine is also a transfer to a direct employer full time ... its a pretty straight forward approval,but took 14 calendar days for the approval... don't worry it is the way USCIS works and you shod try getting used to live with the things they are... Don't worry i am sure yours will get approved in the next 2-3 days...
  4. Finally my visa is approved after a long wait... Application date: 07/25 Receipt date : 07/26 Upgraded to PP : 08/24 Receipt date : 08/25 ( Status changed from Initial review to Acceptance) Approval : 09/06 ( Almost 14 calendar days) Mine is a visa transfer to a direct full time employer from a desi consultancy.I think this is a common thing for USCIS to wait till the last minute to approval... There is no point in paying $1225 if we have to wait till the last minute (14 calendar days)...But i am glad it is approved...Sairam! @irvine...dont worry you will get the visa but have to wait for some more time... All the Best to everyone!
  5. @gift : Congratulations!!! @looking4Gc, Chinu555: Did you get any updates?
  6. @RkVk2006 : what is your employment model ? EVC? or direct employment?
  7. @looking4GC: What is your employement model(EVC) or direct employment?
  8. Usually it gets approved in 1 week
  9. goodfriend

    New H1B Premium processing

    @ Chinu555: May i know what kind of employment model is yours? ( E-V-C) or full time?
  10. Hi Saifesta...congratulations on your approval... Mine is still pending... not sure how long should i wait
  11. goodfriend

    H-1B premium transfer filed week back, no receipt yet

    freephoneid...any update?
  12. Applied On:07/25/2011 Receipt Date: 07/26/2011 Current Status:Initial Review Upgraded to Premium processing on 08/24...
  13. I think they are taking at the minimum of 2 months for the regular processing... I am planning to upgrade to premium this week.
  14. goodfriend

    H-1B premium transfer filed week back, no receipt yet

    @freephone id....I am in almost similar situation like yours.. My H1 transfer filed on 26-July-11 to full time employer in CA service center & got the receipt number (that starts with WAC) on 08/02but till date, no updates on the case at all. I am upgrading to premium in this week... Hopefully they will respond sooner... I understand they are taking $1200 for no reason...
  15. goodfriend

    H1B Processing California Premium - July

    Guys... I have a quick question and hope you guys can help me take a decision... I am currently in EVC model and i got a full time offer from another and i accepted it.New employer filed for extension and transfer and got the receipt on 07/26 from CSC. Can i upgrade my H1b processing to premium now as new employer has asking me to start the work with receipt? What are the chances of approval? I recently got H1b visa stamping in March....Please advise....