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  1. shek2u

    Travel to USA with EAD/AP card

    Both myself and my spouse have EAD (GC-EAD - not H4 EAD), but neither of us used the EAD status as we had always stayed H1 & H4 visas. My spouse has travelled to India now. Can she come back using her EAD/AP card in port of entry while I stay in H1 status in USA? Can I go to India, stay for 5-6 months and come back using my valid EAD/AP card? Will they check if I have valid employment in Port of Entry? or will there be a question for a prolonged vacation out of country? Myself & my spouse are planning to get divorced in India. But I would like her to come back to USA independently using her EAD. Can she travel to USA, while I stay in India? Is her EAD/AP considered as dependent EAD (again its not H4 EAD), that I need to be in US?
  2. Hi, I'm on H1 visa and going to home country for a vacation and will be going to embassy for stamping (for visa extension). I also have a valid EAD which I havent used as I'm staying with the same employer. I want to know if in case my visa stamping gets rejected, can I come back to US with the EAD (its a dual card which also serves a AP). Thanks
  3. shek2u

    travelling on EAD/AP

    Hi, I have got my EAD card, but never used it and been renewing my H1. But now I'm planning to quit my job, going out of country on vacation for 2 months and coming back with my EAD. Will there be any issues coming back in EAD with no job. I plan to find a job after coming back from vacation. Will this be a problem while processing GC? Thanks for your help
  4. shek2u

    H1 with valid EAD lost job

    Hi, I'm on H1, but have a valid EAD. I didn't use my EAD till now, as I was with the same employer and was renewing my visa status. Now that I may lose my job anytime, how to stay legally? I know we can stay in EAD status without a job (may be till the time of renewal or approval), but I'm in H1 status. Do I need to change my status to EAD to continue my stay in the country? What are the options to change my status? I understand I can change it to EAD status when I get into new job, but my status will be H1 in the interim period till I get my next job. Do I need to travel out of the country to enter as EAD? Thank you in advance.
  5. shek2u

    Applying for new SSN while on EAD

    Hi, Myself (H1b) and my spouse (H4) both have valid EAD card. I haven't used my EAD, as I wanted to stay on my H1B visa. I have two questions. 1. If I apply SSN for my wife, will her status change to EAD from H4? 2. If she starts going to work using EAD, (her status will change to EAD) - will my status change to EAD from H1B? Thanks in advance.
  6. shek2u

    H1B with valid EAD but lost job

    Thanks for your responses. I understand I cant stay legal, if i'm in H1. but its legal (till i get a new similar job), if I had already used my EAD. I could use EAD to get the new job. Any options to change my status from H1 to EAD (till i get a new job)? My dependent also has a valid EAD, but she is in H4 status.
  7. shek2u

    H1B with valid EAD but lost job

    I'm on valid H1 status, but havent used my EAD yet (valid EAD). My EAD expires on end of April & had already applied for renewal. I'll be out of job in a week, Can i still stay in US till i get another job? or should i change my status to EAD to stay legal? Appreciate any help...
  8. shek2u

    EAD approved filing on April

    Priority Date Current in Mar 2012 Applied I-485, I-131(AP) and I765(EAD) on 04/04/2012 (Texas) Receipt Date: 04/05/2012 Notice Date : 04/07/2012 Received receipt notice in mail: 04/10/2012 FP notice received in mail : 04/25/2012 FP Appointment Date: 05/18/2012 EAD/AP Approved : 04/30/2012 EAD/AP in mail : 05/04/2012 I-485 Approved : WAITING GC in mail : WAITING
  9. Guyz, I got my EAD approved card, filed the papers on April - (EB2) My wife who was in H4 also got the EAD approved. when will she get a SSN? will she get one? 485 is still in process due to retrogression.
  10. Priority Date Current in Mar 2012 Applied I-485, I-131(AP) and I765(EAD) on 04/04/2012 (Texas) Receipt Date: WAITING Notice Date : WAITING Received receipt notice in mail: WAITING FP notice received in mail : WAITING FP Appointment Date: WAITING EAD/AP Approved : WAITING EAD/AP in mail : WAITING I-485 Approved : WAITING GC in mail : WAITING Can anyone help me understand the next steps. Will I get the receipt in e-mail or USPS? I dont remember mentioning my e-mail id in any of the forms. Like This Quote
  11. Hello, When I went to immigration physical, I was told to take tdp, MMR & varicella. But they didn't put varicella as it should be one month after I had taken MMR. has anybody else heard like that?
  12. Guyz, When I checked for getting a medical report, I was told that I'll be charged ~$300 per person to get the report including the vaccinations. I need to have it both for me & my spouse. I heard that I can have the vaccines in any clinic for a cheaper rate & get the report to the USCIS certified doc. and just get the final report for a less amt. Any idea - what vaccines I need to take. I know it depends on the birth year and the place you are from. My year is 79 and from India.
  13. Employment- Based All Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed CHINA- mainland born INDIA MEXICO PHILIPPINES 1st C C C C C 2nd C 01JAN10 01JAN10 C C 3rd 22FEB06 01DEC04 15AUG02 22FEB06 22FEB06
  14. shek2u

    Feb2012 Visa Bulletin Predictions

    Its posted - EB2 - 1Jan10 EB3 - 15AUG02
  15. shek2u

    US born baby for stamping interview

    Thank you swetha415 - I hope we can take water/milk without any restrictions (like <3oz. that we follow in airport).