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    L1A with I-140 approved and laid-off

    Hello, I have been on a L1A visa since 2017, got my I-140 approved mid-2018 but looks like i will soon be laid-off probably by end of August 2020. This is what my current situation is: L1A valid till November but i think i will be out of status earlier than that when i am laid-off I-94 valid till December 2020 I-140 approved fo an EB1 category in mid-2018 I have an old H1B petition that i can reuse the un utilized time (over 4 years) My wife works on a L2 EAD These are my questions: 1. How long am i allowed to stay in the US once i am laid-off by end of August? 2. What will happen to my wife's L2 EAD once i am laid-off? Can she continue to work till the expiry of her L2/EAD? 3. Given my circumstances (also in COVID-19 situation), with an I-140 approved and also have an old H1B with several years pending unused, what are my best options to continue being in the US (and likely not have any impact to my wife's employment as well)? Please suggest. Thank you.
  2. All, I had applied for H1B during 2009 with Company A. When i went for the stamping at the Chennai consulate , the officer had some questions about the employer and sent my papers to USCIS for further scrutiny which later after a year of waiting changed as "Post-Decision Activity" with the additional message that the USCIS has approved the case. During this time my company A had gone bankrupt and is not responding to my emails. Recently Company B is interested to take me in for the US positions but unfortunately they dont want to spend on the Visa etc., I would like to know since my petition is actually approved with Company A, and me still in India, - Are there any options of using this petition with Company B through some simple process? - Are there any benefits either to me or to Company B in doing so rather than applying a new one ? - What is the process and timelines of Company B willing to take me in through this approach ? Since the next H1B cycle around the corner, I would like to know the options in hand. Please let me know urgently. Thanks. PK