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  1. to_vaib

    Speeding tickets

    I think its YOU who needs a lesson on Reading English capabilities. Listing all the citations on the form IS KIND of documentation, which you obviously dont understand, so I'm not going to argue here. You, also, obviously DID NOT read the link I posted as that link is the official document from the USCIS. And it DOES NOT say anything about listing all the tickets. So I have no clue what documentation you are referring to. Must be in your mind as USICS documentation (as provided above) DOES NOT say that. I understand very well that a lie could result in the denial HOWEVER not listing something that is not required at the first place is not considered a lie. Its called following the process. Oh and yes.....sigh here as well!
  2. to_vaib

    Speeding tickets

    YES IT DOES SAY THAT. You need to read the instructions again at https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/n-400instr.pdf It clearly says ONLY if you are arrested or detained, then you need to provide the documents related to that. Are you telling me that if you dont list all citations, you will not get the citizenship? You do know that speeding tickets are handled by state. These are not federal citations. So why would they need that?
  3. to_vaib

    Speeding tickets

    Yes I'm aware of that but the question was regarding speeding ticket and I dont think you need to mention that. N-400 specifically says that you need to report it only when it lead to an arrest.
  4. More importantly, why are you posting in the Citizenship forum when you are still on H1b?
  5. to_vaib

    Post N-400 Travel

    Ahh, cool. Do you know how much time they take before calling for the interview?
  6. to_vaib

    Citizenship not granted

    Why didn't your wife yelled back? This is no way of treating someone.
  7. to_vaib

    Speeding tickets

    There is nowhere in N-400 they ask for the speeding tickets. So where did you see that?
  8. to_vaib

    Post N-400 Travel

    Hi Guys, I just filed an N-400 form for the citizenship and as part of the form, we need to provide the past 5 years travel history which I did. However do we have to keep them informed about the international travel that you do after filing N-400? I dont think so but thought to check. I understand why they ask the travel history in the past 5 years as that is used to determine the Citizenship filing eligibility and since its filed, I dont think further travel needs to be reported. Let me know. ~V
  9. to_vaib

    N-400 Interview marital status question

    You dont need a marriage certificate for your previous marriage so just carry the divorce decree. However if you re-married, then you need to take the marriage certificate of your current marriage.
  10. to_vaib

    When to file AND Taxation

    Hi, 1.) I got my Green Card on Aug 25th 2014 and I looked at the Early Filing Calculator which shows that I can submit my application on 27th May 2019 (in another couple weeks). However it also says this "You MUST meet all other eligibility requirements when you file". I'm not sure what does that mean and what other things I need to file 90 days early. I have never left US for vacations more than couple weeks since I got the GC. So I presume that I maintained the continuous residence. Is there anything else I need to be aware of? 2.) I know that after the naturalization, we can live outside US but still have to pay taxes here. Does this mean that if we are paying taxes in US, we dont have pay in the country where you are currently living? Because tax-code says that you only pay income tax once. Appreciate the insights! ~v
  11. Hi, I received my green card in Aug 2014 and I know officially I can apply for the US Citizenship after 5 years i.e. Aug 2019. I wanted to know if we could apply certain months in advance from the date of eligibility? If someone has done that, I would really appreciate the guidance. ~V
  12. Hi, I'm a lawful US permanent resident (Green Card holder) and I sponsored my brother and his family to visit us in LA this year. My brother's financial situation is pretty sound and he is also an Australian PR but now settled back in India. He appeared for Visitor Visa Interview in New Delhi and was rejected. There was no reason given and they did not check any single document other than their passports. He was later issued a standard 214b rejection letter as well. My brother clearly demonstrated his close ties with India due to the fact that he now lives in India although he possess Australian PR and lived there for 13-14 years. So here are some of the questions that we have: 1. Can we appeal this decision? 2. Is this rejection means, he will never be issued a visa? 3. They haven't asked for a single financial document - How did they assess him and rejected him based on what? 4. Chances of Visa approval on re-apply? Has anyone seen this? Regards Vaib
  13. Hi Folks, I have a green card under EB2 India and my wife is still on EAD+AP. The PD is Sep 2008. I filed for her EAD+AP Extension 3 months ago and I notice that her EAD case is approved now however her AP case still shows - Case Received. I applied the 765 and 131 together for her. I was under the impression that they approve these 2 together in order to issue the combo card. Is this normal? Have anyone seen this? ~V
  14. 1.) Yes 2.) Yes 3.) Yes
  15. to_vaib

    EAD/AP Expired- Trip to India - Urgent

    I think the EAD Expiry Date format is MM/DD/YYYY. So my wife's EAD will be valid when we enter. However we are entering US just 2 days before the EAD expires...would that cause any issues?