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  1. vp1984

    H4 EAD to H1 Transfer

    you can work for company B even now but only on ur H4EAD.. He just wants to make sure that he makes money from you even before you start on H1 in October. once your H1 is issuesd an RFE it will be easy for you to get client letter and get H1B approved and then continue working with them...
  2. I also checked some other forum like Avvo and others, looks like even the attorneys are not sure and not giving a concrete answer. Based on the USCIS claim above 1st paragraph it is ok to travel when you have a valid H4 and i-765 pending but on other hand few ppl say when they make i-539 as abandon they will do the same for i-765 as well. So not sure which one to believe... Any attorneys or paralegal over here please please please help me in this regard. Its my daughter's first religious ceremony and I don't want to miss it :( Any other idea to travel and still not jeopardize my H4 EAD, please let me know.
  3. Thanks for the response!!! I read the same in USCIS website .. But my worry is that , they have discussed about concurrent filing of h4 and h4 ead and that they will abandon both in case of Change of Status but they haven't said anything about concurrent filings for Extension of status.. they have just discussed about the i-765 and what they will do when we travel out.. So as you said I assume in this case they will abandon my i-539 petition for extension but not the i-765 for h4ead for renewal.
  4. Hello Gurus, Please if anybody gone through or knows someone who went through this situation please respond.... My travel is coming up on June 22nd... Please help.
  5. He never mentioned about H1 to H4 change of Status.. H1B is approved and H4 and H4 EAD is pending and his what will happen to his H4 EAD petition if he travels outside US and gets stamping in India for H4 and comes back.. Will the H4EAD petition be still valid or not.
  6. I was in the same situation where I need to go to india... I did not withdraw anything.. I just went to India and got H4 stamping and came back in to USA... The pending h4 application got cancelled automatically after 1.5 months.
  7. Hello!! I have a valid H4 and H4 EAD until September 2017. We applied for a H1B extension + H4 extn + H4 EAD renewal all together with my wife's H1B extension application on March 22nd in Premium and only her H1B is approved and both my H4 and H4EAD extensions are showing as "Case Received" . However I need to travel outside on Jun 22nd and be back on July 14th as I have a valid H4 Visa until Sept 2016. My question is, If I go to India and Get a fresh H4 Stamping based on my wife's H1B approval and come back into US I know the i-539 (H4 extn) will be cancelled as I have a new H4 stamp but what happens to my pending i-765 (H4-EAD renewal) Application that was applied on March 22nd? The wait time is huge for i-765, so want to make sure my travel outside will not impact the pending i-765 and thereby jeopardize my current job. Please advice.
  8. Hi , i have h4ead ... an more interested in day trading .. since h4 ead can even start a business can I do say trading ?? Please help
  9. Hi Folks, Kindly help me on my situation please.. its pretty urgent. 1. I came back from India after getting H4 stamping (H1 to H4) 2. Got H4 stamped and entered USA 2 weeks before. 3. My wife's I140 will be approved in few days. 4. I need to apply for H4 ead immediately but the USCIS states that we need to submit the I-94 of mine but my I-94 is not yet updated in CBP site. So can I send just the Approved Visa and the stamping that i got while entry as I dont have the I94 details updated in the site? Please help friends. Thanks, vp
  10. Thanks a lot jairichi!! Really appreciate your quick response for many of the posts!! Can you also tell me since this is my first H4 am I eligible for Dropbox option as my wife is eligible (though she is not traveling with me) ? Or for first time H4 stamping should I always go for face-to-face interview only? Thanks, vp1984
  11. Hi folks, I need some advice from the members of this forum. I have a typical case which I would like to get a honest feedback. 1. 6 years of H1B expired on 17-Dec-2015 2. H4 applied a month ago on 17-Nov-2015 and staying on H4 Receipt since then legally 3. H4 not yet approved 4. I-140 of my wife approved last week. My Questions: Can I travel to India when H4 I539 is pending? What are the documents that I need to take for Consulate Should I revoke the I-539 . If yes should I need to do that after going out of country or can I do it here and then leave to india.. Firstly is it the best approach? Once I come back then will the previous I-539 becomes invalid? Can I file for the H4-EAD when I am outside the country when I am in India by scanning the documents and sending from there? What may the questions for H4 and what should I answer if they ask what I was doing for the last 2 months.. Since my 6 years were over by Dec 17 2015 am I in out of status though I have my H4 receipt till date. but it becomes invalid when I go out of US to India.. so am I out of status from Dec 17th? Do I need to take the original Petition of my wife or just a copy is enough? Please let me know as I am planning to go to India to get stamping and come back on H4 and then file H4 EAD. Thanks, Vp1984
  12. Please let us know what you have decided in your case? Thanks Vp
  13. My basic question is how can you apply for H1B extension after 6 years? If your Labor is pending for 365 days you can ask for 1 year extension in H1B. Are you referring to that or referring to applying a H1B extension after completing 6 years just because you have filed the Labor? Please clarify...
  14. Thanks JoeF... I had a consultation with one of the attorneys form Murthy.com and he also told the same as you did. He said that this area of converting form L1 to H1 and staying out for more than a year is really a grey area and in certain cases similar to my friend, they have approved it and in the same time during GC processing they may tell that the person was on illegal status and can ban from entering the country for 3 or 10 years.. So I decided to go on H4 since my wife has a H1B and currently at work. Thanks, VP