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  1. What are the reasons for denial? Try to work on that and apply for job related to ur degree. Avoid desi consultancies.
  2. rt439

    work remotely for US client

    As far i know, this may not be possible. I heard people worked remotely in 221g cases where the decision is pending from consulate. In this scenario you check with legal attorneys!
  3. Dont worry too much about the middle vendor. They cannot do anything to you directly.he has no contract to you, he had with ur previous employer. Dont reply them. As long as u have client support u are fine. Regarding holding the pay, u may have submitted ur timesheets and ur work is done. Ur prev employer will take care by complaining or some ohter means.
  4. rt439

    Can H1B holder get 1099-Misc on top of W2 ?

    You can get 1099 as long as u are directly not working or not getting paid directly. I checked with my attorney and tax consultant. It is perfectly fine.
  5. File foia with uscis and they may help in sending cd with all the previous documents. Google it for application details. There is some charge as well.
  6. As per the responsibilities, looks like a testing position and uscis doesnt have enough evidence to approve this as specialty occupation.check with ur attorney. Is this a fulltime or consulting company.
  7. rt439

    H1b transfer with I 140

    Sure, I'll keep you posted.
  8. rt439

    H1b transfer with I 140

    Any suggestions please!
  9. rt439

    H1b transfer with I 140

    Hi, I am currently working fulltime with company A from past 6 years with I 140 having pd Sep 2013 eb3. Prior to that I worked with Company B fulltime and left the job for some reasons. I have I 140 with B as well with a pd of June 2010 eb3. As soon as I quit the job company B with drew the I 140. So I was under the impression that the petition is gone and never bothered since eb3 takes a long way. I have both the I140 copies from A and B. Now I 've got very good offer from Company C willing to offer me a job. Can they use my 2010 I 140 and upgrade to eb2 since I completed 9 years of employment. I'm from non IT background. I am into medical related field. I don't require labor approval for my I 140 since my occupation falls under Schedule A. Experts please suggest!
  10. rt439

    401k after moving back to India

    You can do a hardship withdrawal by paying penalty between 0 - 10 % while withdrawal or based on the year end once they send 1099. In your scenario it is better to take a withdrawal with 0% and wait for the year end, since you are not working in US. It is my opinion u can check with some cpa while filing taxes.
  11. rt439

    Stem OPT extension approved only one year

    You should be happy for getting 12 months. Try to get h1b within that time. Going back and reopen the case may jeopardize the current.
  12. Very happy for ur stamping, but pls avoid bad remarks for VO while writing the experience. These kind may impact adverse to someone else who is currently in the process for Vancouver. This is just a suggestion!. Anyway Congrats for ur stamping!!
  13. Hi, I have a Eb3 approved from July 2010 PD with my old employer. I quit that employer and moved to another one in 2011. My old petition is cancelled. My new employer also filed a new one in eb3 2011 and got it approved. I didn't bother that much at that time. But now due to delays it looks like having the 2010 PD may help me a lot. Can I ask my current employer now to upgrade from eb3 to eb2 using the earlier PD since I gained experience as well. I am working since 2008. Any suggestions are a great help Thanks.
  14. Hi My friend is also in the same boat looking for some universities that accept 3 yr degree from India and pursue masters in US. Please share some info about the universities to the email linked to my account. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!