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  1. Abhi26

    Question regarding filling up DS 160

    Thanks Rashee. The place of stay part is definitely clear now. From your reply, I understand that in 'where do you intend to work" I need to be filling up client address. Am I right?
  2. Abhi26

    Question regarding filling up DS 160

    Hi All, Even I am having the same confusion. Many of our forum members are suggesting to stick with employer information only. I have a related question. Even my client location and employer location are different, they are in different cities in CA. So assuming I stick with only the employer information in DS-160, what should I be filling up in "Place of Stay" section? Currently my employer has asked me to give an address in the city where the client is based. Another concern I have is during the visa interview, when the officer asks the job location, wouldn't we be mentioning the client location(city). In that case would the officer try to match our answer with the "where do you intend to work" section in DS-160. If he matches it with just the LCA location(it would be having the client location), things should be fine. Thanks in advance.