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  1. consider yourself lucky that the GC was not considered abandoned for that full two year overseas stay.. and hope no silly tricks were played on your tax returns for those two years...that would be a nightmare in itself.. it’s been 10 years ..so what’s the rush to wait till July...though a claim can be made to count it from nov 2014, you will be bringing it upon yourself for intense scrutiny on what she did overseas during that 8 months..
  2. cap-gap

    working with old & new Employer at the same time ?

    Yes.. unless one of them was a filed as a concurrent work petition..
  3. cap-gap

    Visitor visa and passport validity

    India is exempt from this rule.. so it is possible to get a four month i94 at entry.. but there are lot of provisions now a days in India that allow expedited PP renewal..
  4. cap-gap

    H1B - RFE for CIvil Engineer during OPT

    This is just the beginning of nightmares ..unless you are from ROW whose GC quota is not backlogged.. about ur situation, whatz ur current role and Title? Have you passed FE exam?
  5. Restart your counting from July 2015...n you need to mention when exactly the GC was obtained?
  6. cap-gap

    H1B Loose vs H1B Transfer

    USCIS has been taking the position that if your previous H1b approval was “not activated” by means of stamping or working for that employer then you are not cap exempt.
  7. cap-gap

    Visitor Visa for Parents

    What’s the point of speculation if they are already scheduled for an interview..nobody can guess the result.. you will know in few days..
  8. cap-gap

    H1B Transfer RFE

    .. so it didn’t occur to any of you that it can be addressed by having the so called expert witness your actual work duties at your workplace???? Bcz they are incompetent and know no better than just filling the standard paperwork
  9. cap-gap

    H1B denial

    Forget working..you are accruing illegal presence. You need to leave ..like today .. have the new employer change the EOS to consular notification..
  10. https://www.murthy.com/2016/06/02/travel-after-change-of-status-approval-with-future-start-date/ read the above but caution you to google for any updates on the policy since then..Now, that is USCIS policy however your re-entry and stamping is not in USCIS control.. consulars are known to cancel existing F1 and B2 visas at the time of H1 interview .. Even if you don’t go for stamping, the risk is not mitigated as a POE agent may interpret your approved H1 petition as an immigrant intent in conflict with F1 limitations and deny entry..
  11. cap-gap

    How is spousal support enforced back home?

    Not always..particularly like this case..from the post it seems that the wife can not come to US courts to attend the proceedings..Indian courts have already ruled that when one of the parties didn’t get a fair chance of representation in foreign countries, that party will get their opportunity in Indian courts.. Same with marriages too.. certain marriages in some countries are legal ( b/n cousins or second wife etc) but they are not legal in US..
  12. cap-gap

    H1 to H4 back to H1

    You qualify for cap exempt
  13. Entering into country on B2 with an intent to be an immigrant is illegal.. how will the POe officer read minds about immigration intent? who knows..but a random baggage check and finding the docs for supporting immigration petition will shut the doors permanently on them
  14. cap-gap

    H-1B visa re-entry on USCIS acknowledgement

    No.. once out side the country, you will need an approved petition to reenter..
  15. History 101: Look up EastIndia company. I don't want to dignify illiterate and crude posts with a response anymore than that as this forum is intended to serve those that need constructive feedback.