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  1. cap-gap

    H4 Travel to India with a Valid Stamp

    May be not due to immigration status with what’s in place today but due to COVID .. did you find a return ticket in two weeks.. EU already banned Indian flights and may be US next..
  2. cap-gap

    Unethical practices by prime vendor

    You know that there are plenty of direct employers, right? you provided blood supply to these vendors and enabled them become monsters by working for them for five years and now crying foul?
  3. cap-gap

    Is it visa abuse?

    No, but the chance of her getting B2 is slim.
  4. cap-gap

    Green Card expiring soon, stuck in India

    There’s no such thing as green card ‘expiry’.. just the validity of the physical card iOS limited... but the PR status can be considered A abandoned if she stays beyond 1 year.. she can visit the embassy if they reopen at all to get a 551 stamp so that she can travel.. on the other hand, there are plenty of Airindia flights from India to USA now if she really wants to come here.. so don’t expect any concessions if she stays beyond one year..
  5. This is about a visa stamp.. not USCIS approval.. First of all, the OP need to verify with Hyd consulate that the email is legitimate. Typically these emails are sent out by consulate if it finds out that OP got a DUI charge or arrest record etc that makes one ineligible..Or the employer got convicted for fraud and lost H1b filing eligibility.. if the email is authentic and doesn’t get resolved, OP will be denied boarding next time in India
  6. cap-gap

    Loose restriction on H1B ban in next 30 days?

    There’s a good chance that this will be challenged in court but the outcome in either direction can not be predicted at this time. but several of this administration’s decisions have been withheld in Federal courts. Seeing the pattern, it’s as if they are issuing these orders to stirrup commotion to appease certain hardliners for election benefits and the team really doesn’t wanna mess with status quo of the immigration provisions.
  7. cap-gap

    Valid I-797, expired Visa stamp, travel to India

    The new h1b ban will prevent you from even getting a stamp.. but don’t let immigration matters control your decisions on urgent matters related to life or family.. there will be lot of regrets..
  8. cap-gap

    H1B visa denied at the consulate India

    Did you work in US (F1 to H1) before going to stamping.. In that case only you will be considered counted against cap
  9. cap-gap

    Staying beyond H1B visa max out due to COVID

    If your H1 is maxing out there there is no basis for H1 extension and how are you expecting H1 extension approval.. file COS to B2..
  10. That was not a class action lawsuit and the judgment only applies to those on that petition..if you are your firm was not part of that lawsuit, then you have to get your own lawsuit filed..
  11. cap-gap

    Marriage before or after H1b petition approval

    It shouldn’t matter at all for H1B..any forms you apply after marriage need to reflect the truth at that time..
  12. cap-gap

    Two jobs on two different H1s at same time?

    Incorrect.. read i129
  13. cap-gap

    Two jobs on two different H1s at same time?

    It’s possible only if The h1b applications were filed as “concurrent”.. there’s a check box on the form for that purpose
  14. cap-gap

    H1B based upon I-140

    Working with Y on H1 is only possible if the PD from X’s petition doesn’t become current by that time..
  15. You got your understanding mixed up..your situation got nothing to do with your F1 visa stamp expired or not.. With your F1 to H1, you need to get a new H1 stamp to renter regardless, if you go for India trip..and that’s assuming the H1 approval is in place by then..