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  1. Situation: Dad passed away recently. I went back to home (Hong Kong) to live with mom while the company pays me as a contractor. The same company wants to get me back. But I told them I won't be back unless they petition green card for me. They told me it's easier to get H1B first then Green Card. But I still feel like they should just apply for my EB3 directly while I am in Hong Kong. Here is my questions: 1 ) Why H1B -> Green Card route is easier? And why can't we just do Green card directly from oversea? 2 ) They told me H1B is faster but I don't mind the wait while I am in Hong Kong where I have to spend time with mom. 3 ) How long can I legally stay outside of USA while on H1B? 4 ) If no limit of staying outside while on H1B. And I stay for out for a yeart. Will that impact my green card if they apply for my green card after I get my H1B ? 5 ) Any suggestion on how I should push back to the company about getting green card? Lost soul that needs your kind advice! Thank you! Justin.
  2. TXlocal

    RFE by mistake by USCIS caused delay

    USCIS overlooked my original birth certificate third party professional certified translation by saying that I didn't send it but we did send it. I was under the lawyer's advise to just go back home and get a newer birth certification back in China that comes with original english. But by the time I sent in RFE the priority date has already backlog back 3 years before. If they didn't overlook, I would have been approved for Green Card by now. Do you think I will have a case calling up USCIS telling them the problem and that they will honor my eligibility of getting my green card approved instead of waiting for the backlog again?
  3. U need a lawyer not a forum! As soon as possible!
  4. Filled 485 with priority date current, they received my case when the date was current. But I got a RFE when the priority date become no longer current. Does this mean now my case is no longer current? Thank you! Just
  5. My new company says that I can start working as soon as they start petitioning for my H1B. However, there will be about 2 weeks gap between after I terminated with the current company and the new one due to relocation. During two week relocation, since I have not started working on the new company I won't be paid. Is this legal? Experts and the experienced, please advice! Thank you!
  6. Hello experts, My PERM is still being audited and the I-140 may starts soon once the PERM is approved. I want to know if there is a required period that I can't switch to a different job/company unless I have waited 6 months after my current employer submited my I-140 ? I heard about this requirement from a head hunter. Just want to confirm it here. Should I tell my current company to stop applying for my I-140 before they submit it? Fast respond is greatly appreciated!!!
  7. I have been working in USA for about 3 years now. Instead of extending another 3 years and burn up all my H1B for my 7 years long green card process. I am thinking of transfer my company division back home. Can I work oversea while being kept on US payroll? If my company want me to do business back in the future visit should I get B1 or H1B?