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  1. Yes I will be doing AOS in USA. I already have the priority date of August 2009 for EB2
  2. As per the https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-bulletin/2019/visa-bulletin-for-february-2019.html visa bulletin the ‘DATES FOR FILING OF EMPLOYMENT-BASED VISA APPLICATIONS’ says that EB3 category for India is at 01APR10. My priority date for my EB2 filing is August 2009. Can this be used to move my green card application forward in anyway?
  3. My priority date is August 2009 and I have to travel to India in the next 3 months. What happens if my priority date becomes current just days before I am about to leave for India or if the priority date becomes current when I am in India? Will I be able to proceed on GC while I am in India or do I have to come back for the process to move forward. I am worried about the dates retrogressing back before I return from India and hence not able to file immediately.
  4. Hello, I had scheduled an appointment and paid the visa application fees. However, it turns out due to an unforeseen circumstance I will not be in Mumbai at the time the appointment was scheduled and I am not sure when in the next 6 months will I be able to come there. How many times can I reschedule the appointment without repaying the visa fees again? On the appointment website I see this "A: You may schedule an appointment a maximum of 15 times with one MRV fee receipt." Does this mean that I can reschedule the appointment 15 times and if so till what date? If I cancel my appointment I believe I will lose all my money?
  5. salilsurendran

    Going for Visa restamping

    Hello, I have a US visa that expired 4 years ago. I am visiting India and I have setup an appointment with the Mumbai consulate to get a new visa. Last time I went for restamping I took a bunch of documents with me including experience letters, marksheets etc. But the consulate didn't even take a look at even one of them. So are the documents needed for restamping different than the ones for first time stamping. If so what are the ones required for restamping?
  6. salilsurendran

    GC Retrogression

    Hello, My priority date is August 31st, 2009 and till lately the current date for EB2 was May, 2009 and it has retrogressed back to Feb, 2005. This is the second retrogression that is happening since I filed for my GC. I was wondering as to when will the dates come back to August, 2009 and how many times is it expected to retrogress. Why does it retrogress? Is it because INS gives priority to some other category of GC applications?