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  1. Trying to put together documents for parent's GC (Born in India). Born in 1940s, with no older relatives around. Both have their school certificates and college degrees, PAN/ Aadhar cards - will that work? Any help is appreciated.
  2. I filed my EB-2 (PD India 4/2006) and recd. my green card last year. My wife could not file I-485 along with me because of being on a J-1 visa. She now has completed her 'waiver' requirements and eligible to file I-485. In the mean time, I also applied for a family-based petition and have an approved I-130. Wife was born in Singapore. Should she file a I-485 as my EB-2 derivative or as Family-based F2A (PD 11/10/2012) - both categories are 'current', Is one quicker than the other? I presume her country of chargeability would be her country of birth (Singapore) rather than mine (India).
  3. hope74

    Birth Certificate Help Needed.

    I am form south india, and my documents have 3-4 different permutations of my and my parents names. None of those matter other than the passport. The names in the I-485 application & passports should match. You should obtain a birth certificate. My birth certificate was obtained (in Madras) when I was 25 y.o. - it only has the first names on myself and my parents. I enclosed 2 affidavits from my parents on a format provided by my lawyer. My 485 was processed without any RFEs. Good luck.
  4. hope74

    Source of capital

    I am a permanent resident. Can I lend $500 K to my parents, with their property in India (worth more than twice as much) as collateral, to be invested in a regional center. Will this be an acceptable source of capital?
  5. I recd. my Green Card (EB-2, India), but before we could file my wife's I-485, dates retrogressed. She was born in Singapore, holds an Indian passport. Can we file for her as my derivative - will she be considered EB-2 ROW ( Singapore as the country of chargeability)? or do I have to wait until EB-2 India dates move forward (June 2008 is my priority date)?
  6. hope74

    Country of chargeability

    Finally figured it out... she will be charged as ROW (Singapore), with my Priority Date. Cross-chargeability only applies if I want her to be charged against India
  7. There are 15 million illegals utilizing the infrastructure (schools, hospitas/l ERs, driving without licenses, etc etc) without paying their full share of taxes, & their brethren vote en bloc, virtually deciding who the POTUS is........contrast this with us - ~100K Indians, 100K chinese/ ROW - all hold jobs, pay taxes, follow the laws, besides paying regularly into the USCIS kitty!! No electoral power. Not a problem to the society. Why bother with us???? There has NEVER been any talk of comprehensive legal immigration reform in isolation (other than numerous half-baked bills with not the slightest prospect of becoming law)... Hopefully, a CIR bill would contain meaningful fixes to the legal immigration system as well. Please get involved in advocacy to advance our cause, however you can.
  8. hope74

    Country of chargeability

    Thanks for your replies. Yes, she is now on an independent H-1 (she was previously on a J1 and did not get the HRR waiver thru by the time my I-485 got approved). Her employer is unwilling to file for her Labor/I-140. I had also filed a I-130 for her - the receipt notice lists her country of chargeability as Singapore. I will find a good lawyer to deal with this.