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  1. Anybody on the same boat??? I had interviews done back in 2013, RFE to renew medicals in 2015.......and still waiting... Hope they don't ask me to renew my medical AGAIN!!!! (since they apparently only are good for a year!)
  2. I just got my EAD renewed for another 2 years (3rd time). Only problem being that I only received an EAD card with renewed dates and no Advance Parole info included as part of the usual combo card that is issued. Online status still shows 'petition received and under process'. Is that something that is happening lately? Note: EAD was issued within 75 days, my lawyer states that going to an USCIS center to get a case update will not be fruitful since AP needs to be pending 120 days or more (more like 90 days now)... Any thoughts??
  3. pradboy

    I-693 Medical Record Validity - Query?

    My PD is April 30 2009. Last year around August 2014, in anticipation of my PD being current next bulletin (which it did!), I proactively did new round of medical tests to get a new I-693 signed off by a civil surgeon dated 8/29/2014. Here is the question - If for some reason, my PD gets current for the month of June or July 2015, and provided I do get an RFE requesting updated I-693 and EVL - can I still go ahead and submit the I-693 signed off last year on Aug 29, 2014 - the assumption being it is STILL VALID (1 year) when I sumbit those to USCIS in June or July 2015. Appreciate any feedback. ~P
  4. My PD under EB2 India is April 30, 2009 and I have NOT received any correspondence from Nebraska Service Center yet! It is ridiculous!
  5. The PD (April 30, 2009)has been current for the month of Sep & Oct 2014 however, I have not received any correspondence from the Nebraska Service Center yet! No RFE for updated medical records or Employment verification. Is anybody else stuck at NSC having similar issues? I already visited the local office via INFOPASS and got nothing but the same status that is shown on my online case status page. Hoping for the best. ~P
  6. http://travel.state.gov/visa/bulletin/bulletin_5640.html FINALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!
  7. Here is the scenario... Got my H1B extended for the third time (total 9 years) till Aug 2013. One employer - LC approved - I-140 approved - PD April 2009. Seems like with the way the dates are moving forward and looking at the existing I-485 inventory...things might move sooner after all....(Hallelujah) Here is my question - If I think of changing jobs next year (say around July 2012) and since I have to again go through a LC/I-140 stage with the new employer (ofcourse, PD being ported from previous employer) and if, during the process of the second LC/I-140 stage, what if the PD becomes CURRENT in say, Sept 2012??? Will I be able to file for my I-485 and get my EAD after??? Or can I only file for I-485 when the new I-140 get approved??? Mahalo-Gazaimas. ~P