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  1. nda050325

    Birth certificate affidavit

    i guess it should be but please confirm with your lawyer or with the notary themselves.
  2. nda050325

    last name/family name

    Well, you atleast have an original birth certificate, which several other applicants dont even have. I wouldnt worry about the missing last name, as long as you have some information on that certificate, which can be cross-checked with your application (like parent's names etc which should be the same on the passport as well) and proves that the birth certificate is indeed yours. Good luck. Help build the community, the community will help you grow,
  3. nda050325

    Birth certificate affidavit

    Is this format make sense? Definitely. In addition, I had this additional line in my affidavits: I have provided this information in lieu of <Full Name's> birth certificate since his/her birth data was not recorded at the time of birth, since according to the prevailing laws at that time, it was not a mandatory requirement to do so." From how many persons do we need to get affidavits? I got it from three, one each from my parents and the third from my maternal aunt. Is it necessary to be family member or family friends is also fine? In my opinion, the family member has to be related to the applicant, as closely as possible. Do we need any other documents apart of Affidavit? NABC (Non-availability birth certificate). Good luck my friend, post us the details of your case updates. Help build the community, and the community will help you grow.
  4. I had a similar situation. There are several official translation companies. You email them the native language document, pay them their fee, and they email you back the translated version. I used the services of *************** (i think), and my certificate had 4-5 native language words, and they charged me $ 35 for a two day turnaround. I did not use any additional notary. If you find this reply useful, try to help others on this forum, by responding to their posts.
  5. There seems to be some confusion here between visa and stamp. Within US, you can be on h1 visa and move to h4 after COS. Visa 'stamp' is needed only to enter US. When you apply for one visa, the other visa type automatically gets cancelled.
  6. nda050325

    Dependent EAD - work restrictions?

    I dont think the principal can take up any job. To switch jobs based on EAD and still keep the GC process intact, the principal has to take up a job which is same as or similar to the current job (for which the GC was applied). Please correct me if needed.
  7. I think this is standard process. LCA should specify the work location, and the notification is displayed for 10 business days. If its a client location, then yes - its displayed in the client's office location (cafeteria, office bulletin board etc). I feel you are worrying unnecessarily - experts please correct me if needed.
  8. You will need an approved h1 petition to work, below or beyond 6 years. Your h1 petition beyond 6 years can only be approved, if your PERM was filed 365 days before six year period, or if you have an approved I-140, which gives you a 3 year extension on your h1. So far, the above is basic information which is available all over this forum. Coming to your specific case: 1) I wonder whats the basis for the confidence of "meanwhile PERM will be approved" ? 2) Have you found out wjhats the reason for the audit? 3) H1 transfer will not be approved. H1 will be valid only till the petition expiry date. 4) and even if that happens, you plan to retransfer back to company C ? 5) sorry for asking - but have you thought about - what if PERM gets denied? Please consult a good immigration attorney, to discuss your options.
  9. nda050325

    Documents for 485 based EAD/AP renewal

    http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/i-765instr.pdf http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/i-131instr.pdf
  10. nda050325

    Canada TRV - URGENT!

    I specifically mentioned h1 stamping as my reason for visit, in my application form, as well as in my interview. I was asked if i have any supporting documents. I provided interview confirmation docs. The interviewing officer asked me if i intended to make any other visits to Canada for tourism purposes. I said I may but not at that point. I got a visa stamp for two years. I was also carrying my spouse's application and her visa was also equally stamped.
  11. If your PERM was filed before 365 days of your h1 expiry (6 years), and if its still pending, this PERM can be used by another employer to file for an h1 7th year extension. I was able to get my h1 approval this way from my current employer, with the PERM documents being provided by my earlier employer. USCIS will ask you for proof that your PERM is still pending when your h1 extension is filed. Supporting documents are: 1) Email from DOL confirming submission of PERM 2) Color Printout of the screenshot from the DOL website using employer's login (I requested my earlier employer for this) 3) Email confirmation from DOL stating that the PERM is still in process. (this is sent to the earlier employer, and I requested my earlier employer for this). Sample format for #3: From: PLC, Atlanta - ETA [plc.atlanta@dol.gov] Sent: XXXXXday, XXXXX XX, 20XX X:XX PM To: XXXX@XXXXX.com Subject: RE: Permanent Application - Sponsorship Submission Verification Dear Sir/Madam, The ETA Atlanta National Processing Center (NPC) records indicate that the application is currently in Final Review. The case was received in Final Review on XX/XX/08. In the interest of fairness and consistency, applications in final review are processed in the order of their original filing date, as expeditiously as possible. As each application is unique, processing times may vary depending on the specific circumstances of the case. The NPC is currently processing final review for applications filed in XXXXXX 2008. Please be assured we endeavor to afford every request both careful attention and timely processing. Sincerely, ANPC Permanent Program Help Desk#XXXX Good luck !
  12. To my knowledge, Work experience letters are needed at the time of filing 140 and not at the stage of filing filing labor. At the PERM stage, My attorney just went by the information I gave, and I submitted the work experience letters only at the time of filing my 140. As far as getting the letter itself is concerned, please go through these forums for numerous experiences shared by other posters.
  13. nda050325

    H1B empployer sent me back to

    Has your company retained the health insurance plans for your wife and daughter? Chances are they may not be having health insurance coverage now, which is a huge risk.
  14. nda050325


    Can you share the details of the RFE and the response ?
  15. nda050325


    Hearty congratulations on getting the GC. Can you share the details of the RFE and the response ?