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  1. H4 application was abandoned due to missed Fingerprints appointment and it has been 150 days of unlawful presence . I-94 expired 14 months ago and H4 was timely filed before I-94 expired along with H1B. H1B approved. H4 denied. Filed for Motion to Reopen and receipted 77 days ago. 2 Expedite requests denied to reopen Motion. Missed FP since Original FP letter did not come in mail. Raised SR and USCIS sent email giving 87 days to reschedule and all evidences that reschedule request reached USCIS in time was submitted in MTR (I-290B). 1. How soon will USCIS reopen a Motion? 2. Have young U.S Citizen children to take care of and dreading to leave U.S during pandemic with Delta/plus variant and consulates not operating in home country/getting stuck and separated from family indefinitely and putting life at risk. Any options to avoid travel by law? Will there be a forceful deportation? 3. What are the consequences of overstaying more than 180 days (and <365 days) and not leaving U.S other than triggering the 3 year re-entry ban which applied only if one departs U.S? 4. Will the MTR be not reopened if I overstay more than 180 days and wait it out since it an USCIS error? 5. Is a non-immigrant eligible to apply for waiver of inadmissibility without leaving U.S and even before reaching the 180 days? 6. Will this effect GC filing in future? Husband H1B holder and his visa was approved for 3 more years - he works for health care and ready to file for GC. 7. For someone who abides by the law and strictly follows the law is there no way to avoid this endangering lives situation due to the pandemic travel with so many unknows risks and timelines? Is this it? -A worried mother of 2.
  2. Efiled for h4 extension on April 14th, 2020 Got receipt on email. Case status updated on nov 2nd asking to go for biometrics but never got the letter. So missed the appointment and wrote a letter immediately requesting for rescheduling and have Usps tracking number as proof of rescheduling request. Also spoke to uscis customer service twice explaining the same. They asked me to wait for the new appointment date for finger printing. Got no letter or email so far and case status updated to denied. Asking me to motion for reopen by filling form 290B within 33 days and paying $675 filing fees. h4 expired on April 20th, 2020. can I just file form 290B on my own and attach Usps tracking number that I did request for rescheduling since I never received a biometrics letter. Or do I need to consult a lawyer. Can’t believe UsCIs can do this. Please help. mother of 2 kids.
  3. I'm on h1 b since jan 2006 and my current 797 is valid till aug 1st, 2013. The company I was working for gave me an extended maternity leave for last 1 yr and saying they don't have any work for me. But they are still holding my h1 and that 797 is valid till aug 1st, 2013. I was out of country for around 2.2 years till since 2006 and need to apply for recapture time. 1. Can I ask my current employer to applying for recapture time and get the new 797 with out working? (Staying on leave) 2. I didn't start my GC process. Is that a must for h1 recapture time? My husband has an approved 140 and waiting for the date to be current. His GC date is July 2010. 3. If I change my status to h4 after aug 1st, can I come back to h1 recapture time or do I need to wait till next April to apply for new h1 and wait till Oct 2014 to start work. 4. It would take me another 6-7 months to look for a project and start working but should I still keep my h1 and get the recap time and maintain status. That way I don't have to wait till 2014 October to start work. Pleas answer my questions as I don't have much time left on my 797 and need to decide the next step. Thanks!