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    H1 transfer based on I140

    Hi, I have committed a big blunder by resigning from company A before receiving H1 trasnfer receipt from Company B. I have approved I140 from company A(I140 approved in Sep 2014). this is my 9th year in US. I got an offer from company B so resigned company A , gave them 2 weeks notice. Company A sent an letter to USCIS to withdraw my H1 as of 18th March 2016, the H1 transfer packet from Company B reached USCIS on 18th March 2016. I worked at Company A till 18th march 2016. So am I out of status since I do not have the receipt number, will my H1 transfer gets approved? and if approved will it get approved with I94? Please reply I am just going mad thinking about my situation. I have many commitments here and hard to wind up over night and head back to home country if I am out of status.... Thanks in advance....
  2. Hi All, I am in a strange situation. My H1 had expired on Sep 13 2014 and I had applied for I539 to change to L2 on July 21st and same day had applied for L2 EAD. In the mean while my PERM and I140 got approved and my company applied for l2 to H1 in premium processing. Now today I have received emails from USCIS for all the the three applications are approved. I am so worried now, what is my status....Should i go out of Country and come back or can I stay? Seniors please reply its urgent... Thanks in advance....
  3. Hi All, I had my H1 till 12 Sep 2014, my spouse is on L1A and their company filed for my L2 on Jul 21st 2014 as my H1 was maxing out in Sep 2014. My L2 is still pending till date. In the mean while the consulting company that I was working with had filed I140 after PERM approval and I140 got approved. They applied for L2 to H1 conversion and H1 extension based on I140 in premium processing, but unfortunately got RFE asking for L2 approval receipt, Right to control and whole lot of other stuff. My consulting company (mine is direct client no middle vendor in between) says that they will provide all the client details etc and also a personal letter stating that my L2 is pending and this should suffice... I am worried , will this work and will the RFE response will be favorable? Has any body faced this situation please share , will my H1b be approved or will it gets denied ?? Seniors please respond.... Thanks in advance.
  4. I received my L2 EAD!!!!! here are trace: Efiled: 11/20 Recd: 11/22 Bio: 12/17 Approved: 02/02 Card sent: 02/04 Thanks, SV
  5. Thanks Krishna, That means it takes full three months to get the EAD hmmm. I still have 20 days. Thanks
  6. Congrats Krishna, It took just 1 week after you sent the RFE response right? Can you tell when did you submit your application and after how many days did you take the Info pass appointment. I guess you shld get the card with in 2-3 weeks. Thanks
  7. Hi Krishna, Few of the posts in this forum suggests approaching the local congressman and the senator to expedite the case, may be you try out that. Thanks, Santosh
  8. Thanks for the info Krishna, Let me also mail these documents to USCIS before they send me RFE. I had sent I94,visa and passpoert first and last page only. Thanks, SV
  9. Hi Krishna, Had you not submitted these documents (passport copy, I94 etc) when you applied for EAD in October? Thanks, SV
  10. Krishna, what was the RFE about? what all documents did they ask for, can you pls mention? Thanks, SV
  11. Hi Krishna, I applied on 20 Nov and biometrics done on 17th Dec. Thanks, SV
  12. Hi Yamini, Did you receive any update on your case? I am in the same situation My biometrics are done and no update after that. Thanks SV