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  1. varun813

    EAD Sponsoring Employer

    Thank you arlingt, I was thinking more in the lines of self-employment/working for my own company. Also, during my research, I found that I can stay without working on EAD and it is not considered as out of status...unlike H-1B. Only requirement is that I should have a good faith offer from a financially sustainable company at the time of GC(PD) processing.
  2. varun813

    EAD Sponsoring Employer

    Yes Ponte, tried googling before posting here...had lot more info without clear & concise procedures/rules.
  3. varun813

    EAD Sponsoring Employer

    Thank you Ponte, tried googling even before posting here...no clear & concise rules.
  4. varun813

    EAD Sponsoring Employer

    Thank you Ponte for your insights and confirmation. Is there a link or document which any of the law firms posted on options with EAD.
  5. varun813

    EAD Sponsoring Employer

    Hello Forumites, I have couple of questions for you in regards to EAD with sponsoring employer. 1. Can I work for another employer/self employment and still keep the EAD with my sponsoring employer Do not want to do a job change or port it out...just don't want to add more complexity with few more applications.2. Can I have the EAD with sponsoring employer without working and no payroll for any period of time. Will it pose any issues with my EAD renewals in future or on I-485 approval decision. I understand that as long as I have a valid job offer at the time of GC, I should be good...but confirming with the experts here that I interpreted it correctly. So, if my Sponsoring employer is willing to provide a job offer letter at the time of GC or I-485 approval, is that all needed. Please help me out if I missed anything or any other additional information. Thank you!!!