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  1. Hi Raj, I also have appointment on Dec 12 at Vancouver. We can share accommodation, you can ping me your details
  2. I have an appointment for H1B visa on July 14th at Vancouver. Anyone with close dates please reply and we could plan accordingly...
  3. srinath2012

    Successful stamping in Vancouver an Aug 29th

    @trvin: I'm on EVC model, but no details were asked about my vendor during my interview @Chakri: You need to say Your employer paid H1 processing fees and show VO photocopies of Checks (sent to USCIS during H1B application) which will be provided by your employer along with I129.
  4. Hi all, I got visa approved on Aug 29th. Lady at Counter 4, asked me following questions: What do you do? Where is your employer? How long are you working for this employer? Do you work at end client? Location of end client? How long are you working for this client? Can I see your I129? Can i see your LCA? Pay stubs? And then she was doing some calculations... (may be she is calculating my yearly salary based on pay stubs and comparing it with LCA) Who paid for your H1 processing? Do you have any proof that your employer paid H1 fees? I showed her photocopies of Checks from my company to USCIS. Masters University Name & Major? After typing in something for few minutes, she approved my visa. Actually in counter 1, something like "Please see CEAC" was written on my DS 160, so I think that was the reason, VO asked me lot of questions. CEAC is nothing but DS 160. Couple of my friends went to same VO after me, they were asked very few questions with no documents asked. On their DS 160 nothing was written at counter 1. I think that might be the reason. Finally we all got approved, and waiting for our passports. Suggestion for people going to H1B stamping: make sure that LCA is applied when you change your client location. Thanks, Srinath.
  5. I have my appointment on Aug 29th. contact me @ srinathm85@gmail.com...
  6. Process : Premium Center : California Date of Online approval : 27 October 2011 Date of Receipt of Hard Copy: 31 October 2011
  7. @soha there will be only one receipt #
  8. @Soha As u upgraded to premium on Oct22nd and status changed to Acceptance on Oct24th, so 15days counter starts on Oct24th. U can expect ur approval on Monday 7th or mid-next week. Gud luck.
  9. Update Just now got an update from USCIS site, my case is Approved today. Good luck to you all!
  10. Dear Friends, Let us help each other. Please post the following details: Date application was mailed to USCIS: Date received receipt from USCIS: Status: Any additional information: Here are my details: Date application was mailed to USCIS: 10/15/2011 Date received receipt from USCIS: 10/17/2011 Status: Acceptance Any additional information: California Service Center - Premium Thank you
  11. Received date - 10/17 Status: Acceptance
  12. srinath2012

    Initial Review to Acceptance

    Even my case upgraded to Premium on Sep16th along with RFE response... Status has updated to RFE response review on Sep28th and on Sep29th to Initial Review --> Acceptance
  13. Today my employer got confirmation about PP, and status has changed from 'RFE Response review' to 'Initial Review'