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  1. pi2008

    Short Trip on L1 visa

    "A person is asked to go on a short 3 week work trip on L1 visa with payroll transfer and long term visa work policies are applied". Is this even legally allowed? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Thank you for the information :)
  3. Yep and I finally received a notification yesterday that my case is reaffirmed...after nearly 2 years!
  4. Hi, A brief summary of my case: EB2 GC I140 approved - PD Oct 2009 H1b extension received for 3 years (6 years already completed) - approval valid till dec 2013 Traveled to India 2 years ago to stamp h1b extension visa Received 221 blue No response from consulate yet on status - still waiting Work contract with client ended 6 months ago Quit job 2 months ago Joined a new job in India 2 months ago Please let me know: 1) Is my h1b approval valid? Can I transfer that h1b approval to my new employer? 2) What happens to my gc processing? Can that process be transferred to new employer? Thanks!
  5. Hi, A brief summary of my case: EB2 I140 approved Got 7th year extension for 3 years - approval expires dec 2013 Traveled to India for visa stamping 2 years ago Received 221g blue Waiting for almost 2 years for update from consulate regarding my 22g status Contract ended with client 6 months ago. Resigned job. Joined a new company in India 2 months ago. Could anyone here please let me know: 1) Is my H1b approval notice valid - can it be transferred now to my new employer? 2) What happens to my GC processing? Is my I140 still valid? Thanks
  6. Okay..thanks for the suggestion..will discuss with my employer.
  7. Hi, I am kind of the in the same boat. On March 20, 2012 my employer received the reaffirmation email. We were asked to wait for next communication from Chennai US consulate and we still have not received anything. Even my status on PIMS is not updated...still shows that they received my paper for review on Nov 8th 2011 although the case was verified on March 20, 2012. Thank you
  8. Hi, I received 221g back in May 2011 when I went for my 7th year extension H1B visa stamping. My papers were sent back to USCIS by Chennai consulate for verification. After nearly a year, on March 20, 2012, we received communication from USICS that my paperwork is verified. Could any of you please let me know what the next step in process is? Thank you