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  1. I got H1 approved last week without I-94. Need to goto stamping ASAP to Canada/Mexico/India.
  2. venkatakris2000

    Successful visa stamping at Nogales, Mexico

    "Only extension stamping allowed in mexico" - You mean renewal? So you already had stamping on your passport?
  3. venkatakris2000

    Visa stamping in Mexico - First time

    Hi, I am planning to goto Mexico for my first time H1-B visa stamping. I found in the following old thread that first time stamping is not allowed. Has the rules changed since the following thread? Thanks.
  4. I have an appointment on December 20th in vancouver, canada. If you anyone in same boat, message me.

  5. venkatakris2000

    H1 Stamping in vancouver on dec 20

    Hi, I have an appointment on December 20th. If you anyone in same boat, message me. Krishna
  6. venkatakris2000

    H1 from international school

    Hi, I am working for an International school in USA. I am working on H1 visa and I would like to know if my H1 is cap-exempt? I would also like to know if I can move to a consulting firm sothat they can transfer my H1 and I can work as a consultant or back office? Please let me know if any other options that can let me stay in USA and work, like J1? Also, given that my green card application hasn’t started, if I go back to my home country and come back within a year after finding a different employer, will I be in lottery for H1(assuming my application will be in for-profit H1 category) ? Thanks in advance. Krishna.
  7. venkatakris2000

    H1B Amendments

    Did you get hold of the attoorney? Please let us know his/her name? My friend is stuck with this issue and has less than a week.
  8. venkatakris2000

    Reschedule Jamaica Visa Appointment

    I will try the refresh thing. Does anyone know the contact number to call for postponement?
  9. venkatakris2000

    Reschedule Jamaica Visa Appointment

    Hi All, I booked a visa date on oct 17 from following website. https://usvisa-info.com But when I try to reschedule, it always says - There are currently no appointments available for your trip purpose. Would you like to change your information and reschedule your appointment. Is there a different website I have to go to reschedule? Please let me know. Venkat.
  10. venkatakris2000

    H1B Stamping Done in Jamaica - August 18th

    I heard they are asking did you graduate from same university as stamping. How to answer if we have transferred to a different university and graduated?
  11. venkatakris2000

    H1B Stamping Done in Jamaica - August 18th

    Hi Girish, Thanks for the info. I graduated from Stratford but could not work for almost 1 yr in OPT due to recession. Will this be an issue?
  12. venkatakris2000

    J1 to F1 transfer

    Hi All, A friend of mine is trying to see if J1 to F1 is possible. What is the process? Does he have to go out of the country and come back? Thanks in advance.
  13. venkatakris2000

    H1-B Rfe- (Client Subcontracting)

    Thanks for the replies. My H1 got approved
  14. venkatakris2000

    H1-B Rfe- (Client Subcontracting)

    Hi, I work for a product based company A in their professional services department as a contractor, customizing their products. I have applied for a transfer and used this client letter. My first RFE was about client letter, which I have provided stating that the client (company A) does no exert any control over me and I will be working at the office of A. I have got a second RFE. USCIS says that from public records, they came to know that the client(company A) is a contracting company, and hence, they need client letter from the clients of company A. Actually, I will not be subcontracted by A and hence, I canot brng client letter. How to answer the RFE that A is a product company and will not be subcontracting me?
  15. venkatakris2000

    H1-B out of status doubt

    1. I have a project and Z says I can join the project from jan 13th. Are they correct? Please reply. its urgent.