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  1. thakuramit1981

    Change Job while H4 EAD in processing

    Hi I have a question? If I change my job while my wife's H4 EAD application is in processing, would it effect anything. Do I have to file the application gain with new I797? Thanks Amit
  2. thakuramit1981

    H-4 EADs

    I need some urgent help I have I140 EB3 from one Employer I140 EB2 from 2nd Employer My Client now wants me to join him as a FTE and wants H1 transfer. If I do a transfer, how would I be able to get file EAD for my wife based on I140. Can I still use new I797 from new employer and I140 from old employer or is there a different approach I would have to follow. Thanks
  3. thakuramit1981

    Switch Employers

    Hi I need some urgent advise. I initially had my I140 approval on EB3 from Employer A with PD date of June 2010. I transferred H1B to a new employer last year and ported my date and got approval for I140 in EB2. Now My client wants to hire me full time, I do not know what to do as I am in lot of confusion. If Obama's new policy takes effect then I should be good else I don't know what will happen. My EB3 I140 is still Active. What will happen If I switch to new Employer and he revokes My EB2 I140 and the my PD becomes current in next few months. Please advise as I am interested to join the new employer on full time basis. Thanks
  4. Hi, I need an urgent advice. Could you please let me know if we have a 221G issued from one consulate, can we apply again at a different consulate on the same petition. Case: Interview at Mumbai consulate on 24-Apr-2012 Issued 221g blue form. Submitted documents on 27-Apr-2012 . waiting since then. Can I apply again at Delhi consulate on the same petition (I797)