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  1. I have still 2 years of my H1B, so changing my employer "A" to Employer "B", i have to transfer my H1B which is risky at this time to get transfer of H1B.As my End Client where i am working now will not provide Client letter. So i want to stick to Employer "A" , and file my GreenCard with Employer "B", who is willing to do so...
  2. Hi, I am On H1B from 2008. My current employer "A" is not filing my Green card(EB2).He said that he will file my Green card at the 6th year of my H1B.I am planing to file Green Card with another employer "B" . But still wants to work for employer "A", till i get my EAD through employer "B". Will that works out.I don't want to tell employer "A" that i am filing green card through another employer "B".Do i need any documents from Employer "A" to file my green card with employer "B".Will the employer "A" can find out that i am applying green card through another employer "B".Please let me know how much risky is it to do so.so that i can start the process.