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  1. asitverma

    7th year of H1B visa Stamping in India

    Wanted to share my Visa Experience : 7th year VISA Stamping, working as a FTE for a health care company. Green card in process, I 140 approved with PD of 2010. I went to Delhi for my visa interview and had successful visa stamping. Visa officer asked me only there questions : Why you want to go to USA ? How long you will stay in India ? Where is your company head office ? What exactly you do for your company ? And How much you are making in a year ! AND finally the golden word that : Your visa is approved!
  2. Can you please also share information/results about other people ? I am planing for NOV for H1b visa stamping .....mine is 7th year , FTE.
  3. asitverma

    H1B Visa stamping at Bahamas

    I am also planing for BAHAMAS for my 7th year visa stamping. I am working as a full time for a health care company. Can you please share some more experince of Bahamas stamping ? did you saw some cases or meet with someone over there who got 221G ? how many people were there at the visa center ?
  4. I am currently in my 7th year of H1B (with I-797 till May 2014) I am currently working as a full time employee for a health care company (direct employment/client). I have my I-140 approved and my priority date is June 15th 2012. I am planning to go to India in month of Nov. Wondering if I need any special documents/paper work from my company or lawyer for visa stamping? I have heard some cases where people got 221G so little worried about the stamping. Is Canada is also a good option for 7th year of stamping? Please share your experience if any one of you went for 7th or 8th year of visa stamping anywhere in the world. Thanks ASIT