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  1. monty4u

    I140 question

    Which service center was you case sent to. Its taking 4 -8 months @ Texas and if concurrently filed some folks have been waiting for longer periods of time.
  2. monty4u

    I-140 TSC

    There has been no update. God alone knows what they are doing with our petitions. Case still shows as received. Raised 2 SR but have not heard anything so far. Nearing 300 days now.
  3. monty4u

    I-140 TSC

    Will hit 270 days tmw. Had this been cricket would have set records ;-)
  4. monty4u

    i-140 Tracker. i-140 pending for more than 6 months

    Any Updates guys. Did anyone get approval in July?
  5. monty4u

    I-140 EB2 or EB3

    You should be able to file for EB2 just by using & 7yrs of experience.
  6. monty4u

    i-140 Tracker. i-140 pending for more than 6 months

    There are cases pending from Sep & October @ Texas service center. Its just taking forever
  7. monty4u

    Advance Parole Processing Time

    If yourself have filed you should have received a receipt number, if through attorney raise a service request.
  8. monty4u

    Enough time to have I-140 approved?

    You have to complete prevailing wages which takes around 2 months and then there is marketing that your firm needs to complete for nearly 4 months and then you can file for PERM which is currently taking around 5-6months to be certified. I-140 you can use premium process otherwise the wait is 7+ months currently. You should be fine if PERM is certified as you can get 1 yr extensions. Good Luck.
  9. monty4u

    I-140 TSC

    7 months now and still waiting..:-(
  10. monty4u

    I140 filed on Dec 23 2015

    Do you know which service center your I-140 was sent to? You can identify it with the receipt number if LIN its Nebraska and if SRC its Texas. Both these service centers are lagging behind and it is 6-8 months typically.
  11. monty4u

    140 in process and PR in process

    GC is for future employment but I am not sure if you can work in Canada. Its a good idea to get I-140 Approved as you will retain your priority date and even if you move to a new employer in the future you can port it.
  12. monty4u

    Priority date June 2011 EB2

    We might come into 2009 this year or may be early 2010 we have been waiting in the line longer my friend, at the current pace you might have to wait another 2 years.
  13. monty4u

    I 140 approved , Change of office location

    From what I know if you job responsibility has not changed with your employer and you are still within the same MSA you should be fine.
  14. monty4u

    TSC taking long time for regular I140 processing

    raj2015 did you get any updates, this wait time is so long, do not understand why they have so much backlog.
  15. monty4u

    TSC taking long time for regular I140 processing

    They moved cases around recently from TSC and NSC so did anyone of you get any updates?