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  1. svikram12

    Contract on H1B

    Hi All, I came here last year Nov on H1b. My employer prepared a contract that I cant leave him before 1 yr, if I leave I have to pay him $20k. I checked with few people, they say there is no value of contract here. My employer is in CA. can anybody advice. I don't mind checking with Murthy lawyers as well if they deal in this. thanks
  2. svikram12

    Tourist Visa for Cousion

    Hi All, My wife wants to call her cousion to USA as a tourist. He cousion is studying in college. What all documents required from our side so that there are no issue in getting tourist visa. I am on H1B and my wife is on H4. Please advice. thanks
  3. svikram12

    DS 160 question -H4

    Hi All, I was filling my wife's DS-160 form, when I tried to enter visa type. I am not able to see H4 type or spouse of H1B holder option anywhere. What could be the problem. Thanks
  4. svikram12

    H1B - Success ..Finally

    @disturbia, one of my friend referred me to his company. It is very difficult to get a new employer from India.
  5. svikram12

    H1B - Success ..Finally

    @luck2u..my first interview was at Delhi, which was rejected. Second at Mumbai. But consulate doesn't matter much all depends upon your company reputation and experience. @Karna.. yes I got new employer from India only. Well I can't give employer just like that. I have to ask my company first, if they want then I will update this post again.
  6. svikram12

    H1B - Success ..Finally

    Hi All, Let me present whole story. I went for stamping in Dec 2011, it was EVVC model. So VO refused without looking at any documents and told me that they are sending my application back to USCIS for possible revoke. At that time I just lost hope as it was my first time H1B. Luckily got another employer in April to file a new H1b based on previous approval. So I went again for stamping on 24th May at Mumbai, this time it was FTE (although small company). VO asked few questions and then gave me green 221(g). I submitted documents on 13th June. After one and half a month on 2nd Aug I got another 221(g) via courier to submit few more documents. Which were not ticked in initial 221(g). I submitted documents on 14th Sept. Got mail on 17th from Consulate to submit passport. Today I got my passport back with Visa. Thank God.
  7. Even I also called up customer care today and they told me that my wife needs a petition approved. I don't know what is happening ?. why do my wife needs a approved petition. She is dependent. Nothing is clear @darthvader, can you provide me your mail id so that we can discuss about this. My mail id is svikram12 at gmail. Thanks
  8. svikram12

    H4 Visa - New requirement

    Hi All, I heard that for H4 visa we need a separate petition, is that correct ? Any idea how much time that process will take. Also if someone can explain about new process. Thanks
  9. svikram12

    Expected Response from Mumbai Consulate

    @Vivek, consulate means checking via VFS or you have any other mail id of Mumbai Consulate. Thanks
  10. Hi All, Here is my case. H1 Interview : 24th May. (got 221(g) green slip) Docs Submitted : 13th June. Got another 221(g) on 2nd Aug. Docs submitted on 14th Sept. On 17th Sept got mail from consulate to submit passport. Passport submitted on 18th Sept. Since then no response. Since last week they had couple of holidays on 19th and 20th (bharat Bandh). I was hopng to hear this week. But no response. When should I expect a reply from consulate. Another question I submitted my docs on 14th in Delhi and they reached Mumbai on 15th. Then weekend and on Monday I got mail to submit passport which I believe is too early response from Consulate. Any comments from senior members. Thanks
  11. svikram12

    Passport Delivery - Mumbai

    Hi All, Any idea how much time it takes to get back after submitting the passport. This is for Mumbai consulate. Thanks in advance Vikram Singh
  12. Hi All, I appeared for the H1B interview at Mumbai Consulate on 24th May and I got 221(g) to submit few documents. Which I submitted. After that I again got one 221(g) from Consulate in Aug to submit few more documents. I submitted them last week. Today I go mail from Mumbai Consulate which says Greetings from the Nonimmigrant Visa Section of U.S. Consulate General Mumbai. Please follow the instructions below in order to continue processing your pending visa application further. We are ready for final processing. Please submit your passport and pending letter to the Consulate General via any of the VFS offices. Please carry a copy of this email for ready reference. Please note that this email communication does not confirm that your visa is issued at this time. What are the chances of getting the visa ???, can someone comment on this. I am a FTE of a small company. Thanks
  13. svikram12

    Visa Stamping

    You should always give correct info. What if they contact your client for verificaton. If you have all the documents then why are you worried, just tell the truth.
  14. svikram12

    Passport Pickup - Mumbai

    Hi All, I got 221(g) when I went for H1b Stamping. I submitted all the Docs in June. Date of Int : 24th May 2012 Docs submitted : 13th June 2012 ( without passport) Today I got a mail from visapplicationalert that "your passport is ready for delivery by courier. or can be picked up from VFS" But my passport is with me, and my case number never appeared in case status site of Mumbai as well. as far as i know, after submitting the docs my case number will appear in case status list and then I have to submit my passport. Please advice, why I got that mail. What could be the reason.
  15. svikram12

    Mail id - Mumbai Consulate

    I sent mail to above mentioned id but it seems they are not entertaining this id any more. Below is the auto reply. Notice: Effective Wednesday, November 30, 2011, congressional inquiries pan India will be centralized at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi. In order to provide more comprehensive and improved customer service, U.S. Embassy New Delhi will handle all congressional e-mail inquiries via ConsularNewdel@state.gov or by fax at +91-11-24198407 starting Wednesday, November 30, 2011.