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  1. Hello I would like to buy stocks in cannabis related companies that are traded on the stock exchange. Will there any potential immigration implication when it comes to naturalization? I heard that investing in such companies may not be advisable from an immigration standpoint. Is that correct? Please advise.
  2. I recently got my green card and noticed that there was a typo on the name printed on the card. I subsequently filed an I-90 and it is pending action. Meanwhile can I travel overseas with my existing green card? Will there be any issues either at port of entry or when boarding? All other information on the card such as A#; Date of Birth, I-485 number, picture etc are valid. Please advise. Thank you!!!
  3. AcuraTSX

    Public Benefits

    I got my green card last year. As a permanent resident, can I avail social security disability benefits? Will this have any impact on naturalization? Also, what other public programs can a permanent resident avail without impacting the naturalization process? Thank you!!
  4. AcuraTSX

    RFE Follow-up

    Hello, Thank you for taking my question. I got an RFE on my I-485 and responded to USCIS well before the time alloted to respond. I checked the case status and it displays as follows: Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received On September 29, 2015, we received your response to our Request for Evidence for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status, Receipt Number LINXXXXXXXX. Our Nebraska Service Center office will begin working on your case again. We will mail you a decision or notify you if we need something from you. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. Now that we have responded to the RFE raised by USCIS, is there anything else that needs to be done in the interim or it is just a matter of waiting for the priority date to be current for USCIS to continue processing of the application? Case Details: Priority date: Dec 2004, EB3- India Please advise. Thank you.
  5. AcuraTSX

    H1B vs. EAD Work Authorization

    I have a valid EAD and AP until 2017 and an valid H1 approval petition until 2018. I will be travelling overseas and would enter using an AP. Upon entry, I would continue working for the same H1 employer using the H1 approval petition. I came across the Cronin memo that states that I-485 applicants can reenter US using an AP and continue working for the same H1 employer until the validity period indicated on the H1 approval notice without the need for an EAD. Such employment is not considered violation. My Question: Is the Cronin memo/ruling still valid as it dates back to 2000. Has there been any subsequent changes to this memo/ruling? Thank you.
  6. Hello folks, I have a valid EAD/AP until 2017 and an approved H1 visa petition until 2018. I will be travelling overseas and would like to re-enter using AP, given the time constraint in obtaining an H1 visa stamp. I will continue working for the same H1 employer upon return. I came across an USCIS memo (Cronin memo) that states that it is OK for I-485 applicants to reenter using an AP and continue working for the same H1 employer until the validity period mentioned on the H1 approval petition without the need for an EAD. Such employment is not considered any violation. My question: Is this ruling and memo still valid since it dates back to May 2000. Has there been any subsequent changes to the ruling? Thank you!!!
  7. Hello, Case Details: Entered US on B2 visa. Applied for B2 visa extension 40 days prior to I-94 expiry date Application for extension received and receipt notice has been issued by USCIS. Application is currently pending. We are planning to go on a cruise from ft.Lauderdale to Mexico and back to ft.Lauderdale. We will be in Mexico for few hours and will depart the same day. Questions: Since they have expired I-94 and form I-539 pending, can they re-enter US after the cruise trip? They intend to leave the US approx. 45 days upon re-entering. We have purchased their return tickets as well. Will that be considered strong evidence? Can we submit an “expedite request” to USCIS to take a decision on their pending Form I-539 (ie visa extension application). Will it adversely impact their situation? Thank you for your advise.