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  1. UrgentQ

    Time after GC

    But wht was AC21 rule. if I applied before GC but after 180 days of filling 485. During hiring process if GC got approved and I join company after hiring process completed.Can this still be considered as fradulent?
  2. UrgentQ

    Time after GC

    Thanks Pontevecchio and JoeF for your advise. In such scenrio can it lead to revoke of GC or will it be problem at time of citizenship?As per my understanding now I don't need to get any approval from USCIS till filling for citizenship. Hope I am able to convey message, I am trying to understand where it can cause the issue.
  3. UrgentQ

    Time after GC

    Aftter employment based i485 approval, for how long we need to work with current sponsor employer. 1. Although 485 was filled year back but approval came recently. can i change job? 2. Does job title matters any more
  4. Do we know if all will be getting the interview? I read somewhere that cases filed after March 2017 will get interview call? Is that true? Do Murthy lawyer knows if someone got interview call?
  5. UrgentQ

    Employer Change

  6. UrgentQ

    Employer Change

    I did concurrent filing in Sep 2016 and got i140 approved in March. 485 is still pending and my priority date is jan 2016. Now getting a good fulltime job offer. Is it safe to switch the employer as I have approved EAD and Travel document. Can I discontinue my H1B?
  7. UrgentQ

    USCIS Status updated name

    Can someone please share their experience/advise what this could be?
  8. Hi, My I485 is in progress but yesterday noticed below mentioned change of status for my EAD and Travel Document application which was approved last year September. It was strange because this application was approved and expired and I have now new approved case. Can you please advise if it has some issue or its just normal? On September 15, 2017, we updated your name for your Form I765, APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION, Receipt Number LIN1XXXXXXXXX. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. During this step, USCIS initiates the background checks of the applicant/petitioner and identifies issues that may need to be addressed either during an interview or by asking the applicant/petitioner to submit additional information or documentation. USCIS reviews the applicant's/petitioner's criminal history, determines if there are national security concerns that need to be addressed, and reviews the application/petition for fraud indicators.
  9. UrgentQ

    Adjustment of Status Applications

    Hi, I applied for AOS/EAD/TravelDocument/140 concurrent while my H1B visa was in extension process. But unfortunatelly my H1B extension got denied after receiving EAD but 140 and 485 was still pending. Then 140 also got approved. Do you think that denial of H1B could have impact on AOS especially due to expected Interview process now.
  10. UrgentQ


    Pontevecchio, my firm attorney is saying that as extension was filled in time and then working on EAD should be fine. as h1 got denied after applying 485 and gettin EAD. Please advise.
  11. UrgentQ


    thanks for advise. will reach out to attorney as well. as per my understanding you said that i was in legal status so AOS should be fine after responsing in proper manner.
  12. UrgentQ


    My h1b was getting expired in May 2016. we applied for extension in Mar 2016. In july 2016 Filed for i140 and 485 concurrent as date was current. in september 2016 got EAD as well. h1b extension got denied in Jan 2017. later i140 also got approve and now got rfe for AOS to show legal status since october 2015 last entry to july 2016 when 485 was filled. Can someone please advise if i can have issue of illegal status?or my reply of old 94, filling for h1 extension and approved ead should be sufficient. please advise
  13. UrgentQ

    H1b extension

    My h1b extension got denied. Can I file h1b extension again with same employer?
  14. UrgentQ

    H1B Denied

    No its not fraud. But was worried if can opt for h1 extension based on pending i140 or can opt for ac21 for i140 and 485 pending for 6 months
  15. UrgentQ

    H1B Denied

    Thanks JoeF. H1 got denied because of mistake in LCA. For which intially RFE came and employer admitted its human error to check not h1b dependent and sent new LCA as well but h1 got denied. Yes its with cosulting firm and middle layer but that was not cause of denial. As you mentioned 140 is also at risk so thats why I was thinking if we can apply for h1B extension again based on pending i140 will that help? Or can i opt ac21 with pending i140 and 485 for more than 180 days. Please advise. Thanks