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  1. I have a priority date of July 2010 with petition filed in EB3 category. I have upgraded my case to EB2 in 2016 with the same priority date with the same employer as my job duties had changed more than 50%. Looking at the current trends, Eb3 Date of Filing is closer compared to Eb2. Can I file my 485 when dates are current for Eb3 category or should I additionally downgrade to Eb3 again if the job duties dont change. Please advise Thanks
  2. Hi, Can you please let us know when you got the stamped passport ? We are in the same situation. 

  3. 4real


    Still Waiting. Interview date was on DEC 4 and Case Last Update still shows as DEC 4.
  4. 4real


    i'm in the same boat for H1B. Stamping interview data is DEC 4
  5. I have been to HYD Consulate for H1B Visa Stamping today. VO asked routine questions on Title, Salary, Education and Company. He mentioned that YOU ARE DONE and retained the passport. I just checked the status of the visa online and it says Administrative Processing. I have a common muslim name. Not sure when to expect. Last time they took 6 months to issue my visa. Has anyone been in my situation where the VO did not say anything and the visa status shows Administrative Processing. Thanks