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  1. h1_holder_06

    Accompanying Mother for B2 Visa

    Thank you very much. Very useful information. I am in NJ and their field office does not schedule InfoPass appointment. See attached. Even Phila office does not schedule InfoPass appointments.
  2. h1_holder_06

    Accompanying Mother for B2 Visa

    Hi All: I am in the US but my single mother is in India and she is applying for the US B2 visitor visa. She cannot hear properly. Question: I read that in some cases, someone can accompany the applicant inside the embassy and give interview on behalf of the applicant. In what situation, one can accompany the applicant? Can I go inside with her? I can submit hospital's note if needed to prove that she needs assistance. She had 10 years visa which is expired now. She herself gave interview first time 11 years back. Thanks H1 Holder
  3. h1_holder_06

    Extend visitor visa stay

    you can extend by filing I 539
  4. h1_holder_06

    221(G) in Visitor Visa Renewal

    Hi: This question may have been asked before and answered but a response will be appreciated. I have no father. Mother's 10 years US visitor's visa expiring July 2nd. Applied for renewal by dropdown in Mumbai. Got 221(G) and called for fingerprinting and interview. She visited us 5/6 times and we got extension of stay in the US (while she was here) 3 times (she stayed 9 months, months and 10 months). Never overstayed. She also visited my sister in London for 5/6 times and also visited Germany, Belgium etc in 2010. She is going next week with my sponsor letter, bank statements etc and her India property/bank statements. What to expect in interview? Any idea what questions they are going to ask? I am the only son and nervous. I am on H1 B. Please any pointers/resources/answer would be helpful. Thanks Rav
  5. Hi All: I have a small recruiting company. I have a student as an employee who is on OPT EAD. Can I file his green card without sponsoring his H1 B? I wanted to file his H1 B and then his green card but someone just told me that, while he is on OPT EAD, I can straight away start his green card processing, without sponsoring his H1 B. He still has 18 months left in his OPT EAD. Any help or web site pointers would be helpful. Thanks Murli
  6. h1_holder_06

    H1 B transfer fees

    I do not want to pay it but I just want to know the "transfer" fees.
  7. h1_holder_06

    H1 B transfer fees

    How much is H1 B transfer fees? My employer is asking me to pay the fees and he is asking for $1800.00. I know it is illegal. He has more than 25 employees.