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  1. ajaygarg1980

    Promotion with I-140 Approved

    Thanks Ashuneel.
  2. ajaygarg1980

    Promotion with I-140 Approved

    I have an approved I-140 (485 has not been filed yet since priority date is not current yet) with an employer. There is a new opportunity in the same company (same employer) and in the same department (Job category is same). It is just that I will be supervising few people in the new position in addition to other responsibilities which are more or less same as in my current position for which I-140 was approved. Could you please describe how much job duties and requirements need to be similar so that I don't have to restart my PERM process all together. Is it true that if 50% job duties of the new position is same as the old position then PERM process does not have to be started all over again. Your response will be truly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. ajaygarg1980

    H-4 EADs

    Dear Attorney, I have more or less similar question as poster by other members. I have an approved I-140 and my wife is on H4. Now if I change my job to a new employer will my wife be still eligigible for EAD. This is one scenario. Scenario-2 Once my wife (who is on H4) gets EAD and then if I change my employer will my wife's EAD still be valid. In summary, I would like to know should I wait to change my employer or it does not matter. Thanks.
  4. Here are questions and my responses to them. VO did not ask any questions to my wife. VO: Is this your first time H1B? Response: No, this is my renewal. VO: Where do you work? Response: At XYZ (I am not disclosing my company's name) VO: For how long you have been working with this company? Response: 6 years. VO: Do you work directly with the company? Response: Yes VO: What is your educational background? Response: I have done MS in Materials Science and Engineering from Michigan Technological Universiry and just finished my MBA from Portland State University in August 2014. VO: What is your salary? Response: XYZ (I am not disclosing the right number) VO: Do you have your employment letter with you? Show me. Response: Yes, I do. Here it is (I presented him my employment letter). VO: Your visa is approved and you will get your passport in three business days. My interview was on Tuesday and I got my passports on Friday.
  5. Hi, I just want to share some important information regarding visa stamping which might be useful for those who have kids. I along with my wife appeared for H1B and H4 visa stamping in Vancouver which got approved. We have a four year old son who we could not bring to the US consulate. We are lucky in a sense that we have a family in Vancouver and therefore was not a problem. I asked this questions to an officer at US consulate "Can we bring kids though he is not an applicant". To this his reply was if he is a US citizen then you can bring with you. Therefore, for those who have kids they can take with them to the US consulate if kids are US citizen. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi All, I work for a company XYZ LP in CA and my I-140 got approved. My H1B is also stamped on my passport. Now company is transferring me to OR and their the name of the company is XYX Inc. Notice the difference between LP and Inc. I want to know the following: 1.Do I have start the PERM all over again. 2.Do we have to file for H1B transfer 3.If I go to India now, do I have to get H1B stamped again though I have a valid H1B stamp for XYX LP. Your feedback will be appreciated. Thanks.