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  1. I have this question about the relationship between the advancement of priority dates and actually getting the Green card approval. My priority date is March 6,2008 and if I file my AOS this month as I am current as of December 1st, assuming that in the next bulletin the priority date advances another 3 months, does it means that the my case will be approved within 180 days from the next visa bulletin. In laymans terms, apply AOS when the priority date is current, If the next bulletin also makes you remain current, from that time and within 180 days you will recieve a decision on your AOS application. Kindly correct me if my understanding is incorrect.
  2. Immigeek

    Applying EAD & latest I94

    Is there a legal requirement to apply for I765 with the latest I94 card? What happens when you are aboard and applying from Out of US. Thanks!
  3. I had my H-1B & H-4 re-validated in Chennai on Nov 14th. This was for my 6+ year extension. Interview lasted less than a minute. I work for a Fortune 100 product development company. Self confidence is key no matter how many documents you carry. Every individual rides their own wave of fate and no two waves of any ocean are similar.
  4. I was in the same situation in 2008 where we had to get our H1/H4 stamping in Chennai. We took our Son and they asked for his US passport. No issues. The consulates staff are considerate to humane requests and often times are very helpful and considerate. The only word of caution is that things might have changed between 2008 and Now. So email the embassy directly and find out your options. Cheers!
  5. Immigeek

    EB2 (I) March 2008 Priority date

    Thank you. Based on the news flash, I am hopeful for some action in the next bulletin. Around what timeframe does the state department release the news bulletin for December 2011? Also, when will the demand data be published for December bulletin. Thanks!
  6. Hello Forum Members I would like to clarify this situation and possibly get your thoughts on this scenario and what would happen. When the priority date opens up,Is it possible to file I485 for a dependant when the depenendent is outside of the US on Vacation. Or, is it mandatory for the dependent to be in the US for being included as part of the I485 application. This might sound hypothetical or even vague, but I am hoping to plan for mitigation as I might end up in a possible similiar situation. Thanks Again.
  7. Immigeek

    EB2 (I) March 2008 Priority date

    Belle,Senior Members or Attorneys - Can you please help by responding. I appreciate your response.
  8. Hello there, I would like to get the thoughts of the forum members, senior members and attorneys if possible to speculate on when the priority date will reach March 2008. I have heard and read quite a bit of information about the priority date for EB2 (I) to move forward & reach March -April 2008 in the next 2 months. Based on numerics and analysis, is this possible and what are the chances of such a forward movement, given that EB2(I) has already moved quite a bit in the last financial year. Thank you. Any thoughts and information are highly appreciated. Thanks!