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  1. My last H1B expired in July 2020, the extension petition for which was duly filed in June 2020, which got denied in March 2021. In between I filed AOS application in October 2020 in EB2, while I was awaiting my H1B extension adjudication by USCIS and my I94 was expired but well within 240 days grace period. Is there any adverse impact on my AOS applications due to this denial? Would I be considered in illegal presence status in US?
  2. My H-1B extension petition was filed in normal processing and I received an RFE for specialty occupation. We filed the RFE response and requested to update the processing to premium processing with an understanding that we will get a response within 15 calendar days. Today it has been 38 calendar days and we haven't got any response. My 240 days grace period is also approaching. The online status says they are working on my case. Case query by attorney got a boxed response stating they were working on it. Anybody experiencing similar situation? Any suggestions?
  3. I am on H1B for over 8 years and my first extension has 7-8 months left along with an approved 140. Currently I have an offer from another company who are willing to transfer my H1B but I am wondering how will this work out. If they file for a transfer and I get H1B for just 7-8 months I will be in lurch as I can't get my new 140 approved by then and then I can't file for another H1B extension. Some one told me that I will get at lease 18 months on my new H1B or even full three years. Is that true? Please clarify.