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  1. My Employer has finally agreed to file my Green Card in EB2 Exceptional ability. I have a 3 year degree from INDIA. I have 19 years of experience and I am in United States since 2005. I have a solid 11 years of experience in United States. I am consulting for state government since last 10 years. In those 10 years I have worked on numerous projects have saved millions of dollars to the state. Because of my contribution to the state government there was a substantial benefits to the state government and their citizens. I have numerous letters of recommendations and appreciation letters signed by CIO of the state government. My current priority date under EB3 is Jan 2008. My employer has setup a meeting with my lawyer and my lawyer has requested the following information before the meetings. I have no problems demonstration Requirement # 1 (USCIS) but there is no way I can demonstrate Requirement # 2 (Labor Certification) I know there are alternatives to requirement # 2 but I am not sure what are they. Do I still need this Labor Certification even if I have an approved certificate in EB3 categrory since 2008? Experts please advice! Requirement #1: EB-2 Exceptional Ability Requirements https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/perm... Requirement #2: Schedule A, Group II Pre-Certified Labor Certification http://www.************.com/scientists/schedul...
  2. patel007

    Got H4 EAD (What is the next step)

    Thank you jairichi.
  3. patel007

    Got H4 EAD (What is the next step)

    Thank you experts for your quick response. One last question: Before starting work she is planning to make a quick trip to INDIA for visa stamping. As you know H4 visa was not allowed to work earlier. If a question arises if she wants to work in future or is she working. What answer is the visa officer expecting. Is it OK for her to explain the visa officer about the new H4 EAD rule. In some case these officers are completely ignorant about the new rule. Thanks for your insight. Patel007
  4. patel007

    Got H4 EAD (What is the next step)

    All, My wife recently got an H4-EAD. I was wondering what the next step is before she can applying job. So far here is what I found: Apply SSN at the local SSN office. Do we have to complete any other paperwork before she can start applying? Thanks in advance! Patel007