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  1. Hi Sam3215,

    I am in same situation and planning to visit India and have to attend Visa interview. Can you share a good Immigration lawyer who can help me with providing me an Memo which can be used for my Visa interview.


    Thanks for your help in advance


  2. newpirate

    applying H1B/H4 Extension and H4 EAD Question 18

    Thanks for your response, I am filing H1/H4 extension along with H4 EAD application so I don't have an extension receipt notice. Do you suggest me to wait till I get the extension notice so that I can include in EAD application and file later.
  3. Hi All, My H1B and my spouse H4 is expiring in mid Aug 2015 and I am planning to apply for H1B/H4 extension and H4 EAD application together for my spouse and I have a doubt on Question 18. (Receipt number of principal H1B spouse most recent 797 notice of approval for I-129) Since I am applying for my H1B extension along with H4 EAD application do I provide my old receipt number which is expiring soon or old receipt number expiring soon and add a line saying H1B extension is applied along with H4 EAD so that I can get H4 EAD approved till my new H1B expiration date? Please advise. Thanks.