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  1. sankarm

    N400 Application

    Additional Info : There is no stamp on the passport during entry and exit ( Cruise Trip to Mexico ) that is how it slipped from my list. I got my GC in 2011 and applying my N400 after 6 years.
  2. sankarm

    N400 Application

    I really appreciate your input/feedback, i have filed my N400 in May 2017 and currently "in line for interview". I have just noticed we missed to enter our recent cruise trip to Mexico (Long Beach to Encinada - 2 Days trip) in the N400 form which we travelled in April 2017, I really don't know how i missed this and i have entered all other details correctly. I heard that during the interview process we have opportunity to update the N400 form, I would really appreciate any guidance for this situation.