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  1. SJ - are you in evc model? Did you get an rfe? Why was their reasoning?
  2. Hello - I have an approved i140 from employer A. I left them about 10 months after approval. Employer B used the approved i140 to get my h1b extension. They haven't yet started the GC process. Can I go for visa stamping with i140 from previous employer (Employer A ) or do I have to wait for employer B to complete i140 process and take new i140? I am really worried, that the officer will be like why previous i140 etc? Please help
  3. workingvisa

    Form 221g - Sevis Hit Removal

    Hi Sisir - how was this resolved? Can you shed any light on what the issue was?
  4. workingvisa

    i140 from previous Employer - Can I go for visa stamp?

    Thank you Shekar!
  5. workingvisa

    221g Green Slip Toronto - No document asked

    What What happened? Any updates on the case?