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  1. Employer A has a PD 2006 EB3 approved I-140 not revoked out of business Employer B has a PD 2008 EB3 approved I-140 not revoked active Employer C has a PD 2014 EB2 approved I-140 ported Employer A PD 2006, USCIS revoked I-140 due to misrepresentation, later employer re-applied with the proper documentation ported Employer A PD 2006 approved again. Employer D has a PD 2016 EB2 approved I-140 current employer Employer D filed I-140 and requested USCIS to port employer A PD 2006, but USCIS ported Employer B PD 2008 and now I can't file I-485 since dates are not current. When USCIS revoked I lost 2014 priority date, question is why USCIS didn't port 2006, do I lose 2014 as well as 2006? Keep in mind, re-filed I-140 approved again. Thanks.
  2. Pokymon

    Visa bulletin released for June 2014

    April 2014 inventory numbers are released, here is the shocking news: Look at EB1C numbers: 2014 = 5,398 (3 months alone) 2013 = 10,845 2012 = 1,077 Compared to 2012, there is a huge jump in 2013 and 2014, with this rate, EB2 and EB3 categories will be retrogressed further in the future,
  3. EB2-India 15-Nov-2004 EB3-India 15-Oct-2003 EB3 - ROW retrogressed to April 01 2011 from Oct 2012 EB3- China has retrogressed to 01 Oct 2006 Chinese downgraded from EB2 to EB3 because until May 2014 EB3 was better, now they have to upgrade from EB3 to EB2. What a chaos? Legal Employment Immigration is dead. Only way to get GC is by jumping wagon to EB1C no PERM, POW, Qualification is needed.
  4. Pokymon

    High Demand for EB1C no spillover for EB2

    Unofficial Prediction of EB Visa Cut-Off Dates Ahead According to the AILA, the following are the State Department's prediction for EB visa date movement for the rest of the FY 2014. It is just a rough prediction and the actual dates can turn out to be a little different:EB-2 India: As we reported a number of times, the cut-date is likely to move forward in either August or September to either January 1, 2008 or any date in 2008 in order to prevent waste of unused EB-2 numbers.
  5. USCIS has predicted that since heavy demand for EB1C, there will not be spillover this year. In fact, there will be a cutoff date for EB1C in the near future. EB1C only requirement is one year Managerial position outside US, there is no PERM, Salary, PWD, Education required for EB1C. However, EB2, EB3 has to follow all of the above and PERM wait is almost one year and audit/SR should wait for two years. I think EB1C is easy route for GC - guaranteed within a month approval.
  6. That was possible before July 2007 and it was called substituted labor and it was misused badly by employers by hefty bargains ranging from $10K+.
  7. Pokymon

    PERM Exceptionally delayed

    My PD is September 5, 2012, and I got Supervised Recruitment last week. In fact, same time period another petition was filed, audited, and now certified. I don't know what triggered my case go into SR. More delay means either denial or SR (SR is the recent weapon for DOL not to deal with lawsuit).
  8. Pokymon

    Supervised Recruitement, in H1 7th year

    Wow..... my PD is 9/5/12 (September 5, 2012) and selected for Supervised Recruitment as well. First week of September 2012 cases were selected for SR. I don't know why? Anyway, my employer is going to respond and chances for approval is zero, it takes about 2 years. I joined a new company and they are going to process PERM ASAP. By the way, supervised recruitment rate is 69% and denial rate is 33% from audit cases. What a way to kill PERM. Advertisement costs will run $5,000+ for employers because of DOL draft advertisement for a complete page. Why can't DOL reimburse extra cost to employers?
  9. Pokymon

    PERM processing time in 2013

    Currently, DOL is processing cases as follows: Regular: March 2013. Audit: August 2012.
  10. Pokymon


    DACA children of illegals got EAD; children of legal who aged out of the system didn't get EAD; DACA will be citizens before aged out legal children. H4 applicants can't get EAD because of home country restrictions; however, spouses of "W" visa holders will get EAD without any restrictions. Illegals will be citizen three years after green card; legals will have to wait 5 years after GC. Illegals have to pay $2,000 and legals have to pay $7,000 after paying 40% taxes for over 15 years.
  11. Pokymon


    Illegal immigrants are not "illegal" as activists say, but they should be called "undocumented" - I word should not be used??? Also, legal immigrants should be called "documented". What's up with this? There will be W-2 visa, and the bill explains: The W visa holders will be able to self petition for permanent status after just 1 year and they are not tied to a single employer. I think it's better to learn fruit picking or grass cutting....
  12. Pokymon


    I searched every web site for CIR - there is nothing for legal, law abiding immigrants, and the wait continues. First come first, Obama uncle will honor all illegals - citizens within 13 years, legals have to wait 70 years, many folks however, waited more than 15 years, paid all taxes. Is it easy to become illegal from legal? I know porting is possible from EB3 to EB2.
  13. There were many June audit cases, it might take 2 months to complete. However, July, August, September, have fewer cases. My guess is: July'12 - May'13 August'12 - June'13 September'12 - July'13
  14. Pokymon

    When is EB2/India likely to get to Jan 2007

    I am confident, PD will change beginning from July 2013. August VB will have 2007 PD, and September VB will have March 2008 PD.
  15. DOL is slow and unpredicted in processing labor. For example, currently they are processing November'12 labor, and 28th approvals have surfaced whereas labor prior to 15th haven't. So much FIFO in this system too! Regarding audit cases, they have started June'12 whereas May'12 still pending. I have no clue how they process. This could be the reason the status cannot be updated online.