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  1. Hello - With the Covid 19 related confusion, I need help to understand what to do with our situation. I have filed for my mothers green card 1- Father expired last year in India. Decided to bring mother to USA but visitor visa got rejected 3 times. 2- Mothers GC filed, I-130 Approved in April 2020. 3- NVC instructions received. Mumbai, India embassy assigned for interview location for consuler processing. Logged in and Paid the fees. 4- DS-260 is complete but not submitted yet. I also have to complete I-864 (Affidavit of Support). Few Questions that I am confused about what to do: 1- We had been confused with the Covid-19 situation as mother is 72 years old and cannot go for interview at this time. I have therefore not yet filed for DS260. How long can I wait to file ? 2- Should I go ahead and file for DS260 or continue to wait ? Is there any president proclamation that affects us in any way? 3- How quickly are they approving DS 260 applications these days and assigning interview dates for consuler processing? Can these interviews be rescheduled? 4-Noticed that for the interview they have a PUBLIC CHARGE QUESTIONNAIRE these days. Can they deny Green Card if they feel the applicant can become public charge? 5- The public charge form asks for health care coverage questions when in USA. What kind of health insurance are people buying that is typically acceptable in USA ? Any guidelines or weblinks will be appreciated. Thank you for your quick responses Regards Tony
  2. tonyc001

    Health Insurance Options for Mother

    Dear Friends - Lost my father last year and US Embassy in Delhi rejected my mother's traveler visa multiple times saying both son's are in USA. I had to file for her Green Card and expect it should be through the process soon. She is going to go through the Consular Process and is currently in India. I need help to understand her healthcare options when in USA. She is 71 years old and mostly healthy. I am in Washington State and have sponsored her. 1-Is she eligible for Healthcare via Medicare and Medicaid ? 2- Can she buy healthcare through market place? If Yes, what could be cost range for such insurance ? 3- What are my options to ensure she is covered. Appreciate any advise and guidance as I am getting ready to bring her to USA as soon as this coronavirus situation ends. Regards Tony
  3. Dear care_candidate: Many thanks for your response. Is there any format of affidavit that is needed? I can meantime get it ready. If you can point me to a website or any information on how to get her birth certificate, I can try using some political contacts. Please let me know. Appreciate any help. Regards Love
  4. Dear Mr. Noah Lott - Thank you for your responses. - Will I get request to provide I-864 from USCIS ? Just trying to understand how I will know? - When they reach out to delhi embassy to schedule an appointment for my mother - will they inform me here in USA or my mother in India? - How do others in similar situation get a birth certificate ? My mother does have her school certificate that has her date of birth and also her passport has her date of birth - will that not be sufficient ? Can an affidavit work? She was born in a far off city and at this age for her to go there is not going to be feasible so I really need to find a way here not to lose time while I am waiting to hear from USCIS. Again thank you for your help and appreciate any guidance. Regards Love
  5. Dear All - In Feb 2019, I lost my father and thereafter have tried bringing my mother to USA on visitor visa. However, the US Embassy in New Delhi denied it 2 times (both children in USA) and won't really do anything about it. I am a USA citizen and therefore ended up applying for her Green Card I-130. The priority date assigned to the case is Aug 23 2019. We opted for consular processing as she is in India. I have a few questions and will greatly appreciate any help here. 1) How long is it taking for I-130 to get approved these days for mothers / parents category? 2) While we wait to hear from NVC , how does the process flow from here and what to expect ? 3) Do I need to file for her affidavit of support and if that will be requested / and when ? It was not a requirement for I-130 filing and I was told to attach only required papers at this time. 4) My mother was born in 1949 and I don't have her birth certificate. Will that be required at any stage of the process? 5) If birth certificate will be required, how do I get the birth certificate for my mother ? 6) How long is overall process taking, any other guidance for me will be really appreciated. I am under pressure as she is alone and will like her to join me at the earliest. Regards Love
  6. tonyc001

    Mothers Green Card Consuler Processing

    Hi - Can anyone please help me on above two questions - Thank you
  7. tonyc001

    Mothers Green Card Consuler Processing

    I guess one more question. How much time are they typically taking to approve and Inform the NVC of I-130 ? Will they inform me or my mother who is in India? Regards
  8. tonyc001

    Mothers Green Card Consuler Processing

    Hello - Thanks for the response. I am trying to stay ahead of USCIS so that I am ready with all documents. What should be the next steps in this process? After this application is submitted and they have acknowledged, what should I be ready with here? a) Will I need my mothers birth certificate? She does not have one so making sure b) Do I need to get ready any Affidavit of Support documents? c) What else I should be prepared for here? Thanks again for the guidance.
  9. tonyc001

    Mothers Green Card Consuler Processing

    Hello - Received I-797 with Notice date of 08/27/2019 Website shows status accepted and under processing Priority date is 08/23/2019 I am assuming there is no wait as this is for my mother. Can you please help me understand d A) What to expect next as a process? B) Should I be ready with something / paperwork to move this fast? C) How much is the whole process taking these days ? I am trying to gauge if I can have my mother in USA next summer in March / April time frame? Thanks again for the response and guidance.
  10. Hello - I am a US Citizen applying for mothers Green Card. My father passed away earlier this year. Thereafter we applied for her Tourist visa at New Delhi embassy as want to bring her to USA as nobody is there with her. She was denied Tourist visa twice at Delhi Embassy and we have been told our chances of getting the Tourist visa are now negligible. I need help and requesting clarifications. As a Petitioner (son) I am enclosing the following documents with the Application : 1) I-130 Completed 2) Certificate of Naturalization 3) Passport Copy 4) Birth Certificate that has my mothers name 5) Fees of US $535 made to Department of Homeland Security. 6) Copy of my mothers passport 7) Copy of her Expired Visa from 1997 which is asked as part of Form 8- Her Aadhar Card and PAN Card and a school certificate showing her date of birth Here are my questions: a) Do I need to include I-864 (Affidavit of Support) to be included with application or that comes at a later stage? b) Do I need to include my paystubs from US Job along with my Income Tax Returns with the application? c) How long is this taking for Parents GC CP these days ? d) I don't have her birth certificate and marriage certificate - are those required for any reasons? e) Is there anything else I should include that I may be missing above in the list? f) How long is it taking to get through CP these days for parent? Appreciate quick responses and help to these questions. Regards Tony
  11. tonyc001

    Consular Processing for Mother Green Card

    hello - Could someone guide on above question ? Thanks
  12. tonyc001

    Consular Processing for Mother Green Card

    Thank you for your message. We are considering for her to again apply for her visitor visa. Should I hold on filing the green card in these circumstances?
  13. I just lost my father recently and am trying to bring my mother to USA to stay with us for some time. She can be here for some months in summer and back to India in winter. However, we are running into some issues with USA embassy. Here are my mother(s) case details: 1) She has two sons - both US Citizens based in USA - in respective business and jobs 2) Mother applied for B2 Visa at Delhi USA Embassy but was rejected after interview - they think she has immigration intent. 3) We have a choice to apply again for B2 visa with new details but given she was rejected 2 times in last 10 years earlier also; we think chances of getting B2 visa are very less now although we can try again in few weeks. 4) I am therefore considering filing a green card for her and here are our questions: a) What is the process of filing for her Green Card ? What papers / documents are needed ? b) Can I do this myself or a Lawyer is advised ? Any recommendations on who can do this well and how much will this cost ? c) How much time is it taking these days for parents category (sponsored by US Citizen Son)? d) Will she need to go for consular processing interview and can they reject there on any grounds ? e) Are there any downsides of applying again for B2 visa while the Green Card application is filed ? or it is advisable not to file Green Card when trying for B2 visa. f) Any other guidance or things I should keep in mind here will be greatly appreciated. It is tough time for me and my family and I will greatly appreciate any advise here as I really want my mother to join us quickly. Look forward to your responses. Regards T