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    • I am a h1b holder and i have Obamacare applied two years through now healthcare.gov  approved current blue cross blue shield HMO  and its will that prevent my citizenship application from being approved because of the new public charge rule?

  1. premdice

    H1b after 6 year

    Hi I was year 2005 to 2009 h1b eb2 after that its not extended because 6 year limit over and i-140,485 denied. Now after 2009 i am on H4 i didnt go out of country to stay. So now if i want to apply again h1b eb2 can it possible? without leave country ? Prem
  2. HI I am us citizen and i filed her I-130 filed last year and its pending. my sister on h1b now and she cant file I-485 because her priority date not current. 1. Can i file I-485 for her(sister)? 2. or she has to wait until filing date available ? Thanks
  3. Hi My I-140 approved EB3 in 2013 and I-539, Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status Pending. I want to travel India can you help me 1. Can i apply Advance Payroll ? i cant file I-485 because its not current filing date. 2. How can i travel if approved my status ? and what document do i need ? Thanks
  4. Hi I Have pending I-539, Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status and Form I-765, Application for Employment I cant renew my driving licence because My I-94 expired please suggest me how to renew other documents ? Thanks
  5. Hi I was during EB2 2004 to 2010 year filed i-140 and spouse i-485 and its denied and closed company for financial situation down after that not get extension. After that My spouse from india approved H1b and approved EB3 I-140 in jan 2012 with company B. and i am on H4 After that. 1. Should i have wait for file I-485 until EB3 priority date current ? Because india eb3 2. Can my spouse use previous I-485 file denied application? 3. Is there any option or i have to wait until my spouse eb3 india priority date available then i have to file I-485 Prem
  6. Hi, I’m on H4 and planning a trip to India.our visa expired in dec18 and We just got a 6 month extension .i.e till June 19.If I’ll go in feb and come back in March,how risky is to get visa back.My husband has also switched company last year.Please suggest..I should go to India or Not.

  7. premdice

    10th Year Extention

    Hi My only one same company h1b Extension going 10th year in couple of month. My I-140 approved in 2012 in EB3 category. Please advice me to what document need employer to file to avoid RFE ? and how many years get extention? Regards Prem
  8. Hi Now I am in IT industries and h1b eb3 labor approved 2012 and if I want to change labor change position and work position in convenience as manager or other position can I do that ? Or any other option to keep my h1b continue with convenient store what should do ? Like merge with current IT company or project contract ? Thanks
  9. Hi I am on h1b Eb3 labor approved and now company finiancial position down closing senecio can I trensfer h1b in convince store corporation and keep same payroll amount keep it? And if I want to transfer it should I change labor Lca change position current company and than change it ? Thanks
  10. Hi I approved 1-140 2013 in eb3 India citizen and priority date is not current can I file I-485 according to new rules. Base on now priority it is not possible to file I-485 but can I do according Obama new rule to file? Thanks
  11. premdice

    I-485 new rules

    Hi My eb3 category labor approved 2012 and I -140 approved 2013 now priority not available. According new rules can I file I-485 ? Now still priority date not current ? Thnaks
  12. premdice

    Ead card can I start business

    Hi I approved EAD can can l buy store business and apply for liquor and beer permit from state ? Prem
  13. premdice

    Approved EAD can I start business

    Hi My EAD work permit approved last week and 1. Can I buy business property like convenient store or hotel on my own name ? 2. Can I apply for liquor or beer licence? 3. Is it necessary to must buy business with citizen person involve? Thanks