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  1. rocky124

    H1B .. Laid off. H1B revoked..Options??

    @Suman84 : What is your status now? Are you going to school? is COS approved from H1 to F1? as I am in exactly same situation as yours, so I wanted to make right move - please suggest. I got laid off on April 19 2013 and my H1 got revoked on April 30 2013. What are my chances of getting H1 approved if I apply for In House project as I am also from Mech and trying to move to IT. which option is better ? COS or In House Project? Also have one question : If I apply for COS and later if I got a job then can I apply for H1 transfer by with drawing the COS petition? Murthy Forum members any input is much appreciated. ,
  2. Hi, I have a situation: I was working for a company X and they laid off around 400+ employees. I got laid off on April 19 2013. My H1 Visa is revoked today i.e April 30 2013, I was trying to find a job and put the H1 transfer but unfortunately could not find any job yet. So what is the best option for me : either to go for change of status from H1 to F1 as I already got an I 20 from ABC College, if I do so, can I again apply for H1 transfer if I get Job in a 2-3 weeks from now while the COS petition is processing.? I am into Mechanical field and trying to move to IT, Some people are saying going for in house project for applying H1 transfer will help -- Please suggest on choosing the safest and best option.
  3. Thanks for all Murthy forum users for sharing ur exp's here is mine: Do not bring anything except ur file to the consulate., not even ur car keys (jacket & wallet are allowed into consulate) Do not stay in hostels if u need good wifi (bad experience).. moved out 2nd day to good hotel. (hamptons inn) EC model, mech interview: VO : How long u r working for this company VO: What do u do there? VO do u work on site? Vo who is ur client? Vo: where is the client loaction VO: whats the name of the client? VO: how many employees from ur employer work on site? VO who is ur manager? told the name VO: and he work for? VO really? does he work for Client ? Ans: No..he works for my employer all this time he was checking something in his computer (think he is verifying few details) No doc asked, no client letter, no emplyer letter..etc VO : Ur Visa is approved got the passport from loomis wednesday evening 28th at 6PM Thanks and Good luck to all!
  4. rocky124

    Successfull Stampng -Calgary -- OCT30

    Could you please send me ur H1 B resume.. to bteja4098@gmail.com i have visa appointment date in Nov. Is it important to match the job responisbilities in resume with the job responsiiblties in Client/Employer verification letter ?
  5. rocky124

    Need to Swap date

    I have an interview date booked on Nov 19th at Ottawa. Willing to swap it to other locations or dates since my schedule changed a bit. So, please contact me at bteja4098@gmail.com