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  1. fbb9999

    H1 extension

    Can some one respond to this? what are the options here?
  2. fbb9999

    H1 extension

    My masters is from profit univ back in 2011. And I got total of 4 approvals(amendments/extensions) and 1 transfer in last 6 years successfully. during this time I also did one more masters from public and nonprofit univ. next year my extension is coming up after 10 months. I’m reading a lot that they are denial rate is more for profit univ masters. So if I got RFE, can I use my new masters to show them that I’m still eligible? or do I need to file new petition in next year masters quota next year? Am I eligible to file under quota while staying in current h1? what are my options here?
  3. fbb9999

    NOID status for H1 B Extention

    One of my colleague also got h1 based on profit univ. But he realized and got master’s from accredited, public university part time. Will that be fine for extension and will they consider second master’s?
  4. if you apply new petition in general quota even before the extension and if it was denied. Will the existing h1 will also get terminated?
  5. fbb9999

    Distance learning

    I'm currently on H1B. I want to pursue my masters via online part time Thinking of University of Maryland University College (UMUC). Is this good. Is the masters valid. If not please suggest some good universities. I don't want to be in a situation like spending so many dollars and knowing that degree would be of no value like ****/TVU etc. Please advise.
  6. I have attended in toronto canada. at 9:00AM.
  7. fbb9999

    Successful stamping@toronto@feb 25th

    Are you still waiting for the waybill number. I had my Interview on 27th and i'm still waiting for the waybill number?
  8. Hi I have attended the H1-B Visa Interview On 27th(wednesday) at 9:00PM. Interview went as below. Me : Good morning Sir Vo : Good morning, Is this your First H1-B. Me : Yes Sir, Vo : Whom do you work for? Me : XXX Company. Vo : Who is your Client? Me: American Airlines and showed the client letter Vo : What is your Higher Degree? Me : Masters in Software engineer? Vo : What is your Masters subjects? Me : Programming in diffrent languages, Networing subjects....etc Vo: Can i see your transcripts? Me: I haven't bring my Transcipts. But I have my degree certificate. Vo : Can i see that? Me : sure and gave him the cerificate(I have Laminated my cert). Vo : Is this your original certificate? Me :Yes sir. Vo : Why did you laminated you cerificate. Do you hang it to the wall? Me: I have lost my graduation Certificate due to rain and snow while travelling. So i don't want to get destroyed it destroyed by rain or snow. Vo : I'm approving your visa and you will receive it in 3- 5 business days. and gave me the white paper Me: Thank you sir. and he did some scanning on my DS-160 and stamped. When i was leaving he did not retuen my original I-797 document and I haven't noticied that untill i came out. After that i went back to consulate security and explained this and they said your passport and I-797 will be coming to your Loomis branch. But I haven't receive any update or any e-mail or message about my passport till now. Is there anyone on the same boat? Please respond..
  9. fbb9999

    Vancouver INTERVIEW dates AVAILABLE

    Can you Please let me know if you have any dates at Feb25-Mar 5th in vancover (canada) Please?
  10. Anyone having Visa Interview on FEB27th. I'm looking for Accomediation, Sharing is fine with me. Please let me know if you have any in toranto near US consulate. Please e-mail me vijaynekkanti07@gmail.com or call me ***-***-**** Thanks Vijay
  11. Hi I had my visa interview on feb27th Looking for an accommodation in Toranto. Please let also know if any of you going on the same day, Please E-mail vijaynekkanti07@gmail.com thanks Vijay Nekkanti
  12. fbb9999

    Loomis Branch for Toranto

    Hi Can someone give me the Loomis branch near Toranto US Consulate? I have a Toranto Visa appointment at Feb27 can some one help me with the accomediation. Can someone suggest me with the Airport and motels Please? Thanks guys.....
  13. Hi Any accommodiation available in toranto on Feb11th- Feb 15th. Please contact me through my e-mail vijaynekkanti07@gmail.com
  14. fbb9999

    Travel within U.S

    If you have stateID/Driving licnese you don't even need to show passport. And even if you show passport also, at security check they dont check your visa. they will check only passport validity and compare your picture on it
  15. I have a valid h1b visa and i'm with same employer from starting of my h1b. And I'm going to india Do I have any issues while coming back at immigration in IAD or are there any cases which they experience difficulties at IAD