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  1. I have transferred my H1 to a new employer and started to work based on Receipt number from March 01. I got approval and it says my validity starts from April 1. My new employer started my payrolls from March 1. Will there be any issue for that one month gap. I was working in that period. My H1 with old employer is still valid.
  2. can we use the same document for H4 EAD application.
  3. If you have stamping which is not expired, then no need to go again for stamping
  4. Yes. You can't go to mexico for initial stamping
  5. You will get I-94 till your visa validity.
  6. Inform your manager, he may receive an email for enquiry.
  7. you may get 1 year or 3 years, it depends on documentation.
  8. No COS in Mexico.
  9. You have to show relation between Employer and client. Ask the vendor to provide the documents, which shows relation between client & vendor and employer & vendor.
  10. if you have all the proper documentation, go for the stamping
  11. sorry for your loss. please check the dates regularly, sometimes you may find early dates
  12. provide email conversations stating client cannot provide letter ID card
  13. did you signed any agreements with him?