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  1. Hello, What's is the criteria to sponsor green card for both parents . Also, once applied for does it impact their travel on visitor's visa to the US. please let me know. thanks
  2. Hello, This will be my first time travelling out of US as a Permanent resident , hence wanted to know what documentation to carry with me. I am working full time and my wife's full time student . So what other documentation we may need to carry besides our GC's and passport. Thanks.
  3. win_01

    H1-B Denied in Hyderabad

    There are many reasons for this , numerous shady consultancies and many from india have exploited H1B regulations like it's nobody's business for . They hire on mass basis without any projects , not pay on time or not even pay at all, circumventing thru the tax system . With all this and a growing number of affected employees filing DOL complaints they got more and more exposed of their wrongdoings. Hence they didn't leave uscis much choice but to impose stringent laws on hiring and to control this black market business. I am only saying this as i have first hand experience and had to face the brunt for years dealing with unbelievably unethical people . Who knows maybe it's coming as a boon in disguise to you by not getting caught up in this mess. There are many good tier 1 companies in India who send you to US on L1 or H1 and its a much safer bet.
  4. technically it is, but do they really do it , no, many shady consultancies do not even pay on time let aside finding a project. But anyways, to me your chance are bleak without any paystubs. I would recommend that you get confirmation of project and then try to enter the US , so you would at least have the letter of offer to show to the immigration officer at the port of entry. Then after gathering 3-4 paystubs u can apply for i-485 ( so u r in status ). another catch will be ur tax returns ( 1040) which u dont have any for last year and that's an essential document. No one can tell what the uscis may audit for or u can just lucky.
  5. win_01

    Filing 485 while single

    if your i-485 is apporved b4 u marry then the spouse may have to wait 4-5 years and if she is residing in india then u will be seperated for that much time , unless she manages to obtain full time student visa which will be difficult to get approved as she is already a potential immigrant. so it's upto u , like the above post says enjoy ur life on gc or u can look for someone in the US who is already working or filed her own GC in the US. good luck.
  6. r u sure ur PD is current , this if for July bulletin
  7. win_01

    I 140 Filing

    why not 150K or 90K, where do you hear these things from. your wages are specified in your labor petition and thats the amount which your company agrees to pay you at least, once you receive green card, thats all it matters. I -140 is employers petition which should prove that the company is in good standing and have enough assets and profit so as to be able to pay your promised wages.
  8. win_01

    Finally Green

    no it was Feb '07.
  9. win_01

    RFE on i-140 and then Denied

    what does the above statement mean, anyways your best bet is to move out and file labor soon with a better company . there is no doubt that uscis is scrutinizing small companies more than ever especially due to all the h1b and payroll violations they have been doing. probably you can retain your original labor PD but check with lawyer.
  10. u r not applying for her fahter , as long as her records are consistent it shoould be ok, in case ( remote chances) a RFE is issued get an affadavit with her father testifying the his correct name
  11. win_01

    Finally Green

    hello, i received a case update for my wife and I that the card is sent to production order. My wife went for her FP Aug 9th and saw the apporval on Aug 12th. Below were my statistics: PD : EB2, Feb '07. I-485 : Aug '07 Spouse 485 - July 10th, FP : Aug 9th Final approval Aug 12th for both. The reason I am putting this is to encourage other people who are still waiting for thier green cards. I was out of job for months and months after my LC. Moreover, my older company held my wages ( lumpsum amount) and then filed bankruptcy in '10. I filed DOL complaint which took year and half for the 1st resposne. In between I heard so many myths that being out of job so many months and my W2 hardly showing any income ( 35K) only for one particular year it would be a major problem. People told me to not even file to DOL as i would be exposed on my facts. Well, there is lot more but I just wanted to say believe in yourself and endure till the last moment. Thanks