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  1. Univemp

    Traffic Citations

    It's pretty straighforward: If you have traffic citations, you should say Yes to Q23. Q24 and 25 pertain to other punishable crimes.
  2. While filing for OCI you will be asked about the name change and have to provide documentary evidence for that. It should not cause any legal complications since a number of people of Indian Origin do a name change while naturalizing and the Indian government is aware of this.
  3. Haha, I have been In-Line for interview since December 7th, 2016. Depends on your FO how long the wait period is. Mine at Memphis TN is terribly backlogged. You could ring up the helpline and ask what the status is and they will tell you exactly what you can see on the processing times available online for various FO's. Not much help. If after 6-8 months there is still no progress, make an infopass. I am considering an Infopass, since I am at 233 days past filing.
  4. Univemp

    N-400 processing times post biometrics

    @Ashley 2017: There are Application support centers (Where they do the Biometrics) and then there are Field Offices which conduct interviews. Depending on the county you are located in, you will have either one FO or more than one (as in my case). Depends to which of these FO's the N400 is sent from where you filed it (Dallas, Texas etc). Some FO's conduct both interview and oath ceremony the same day, others do it on different scheduled dates and times. Processing time can be found here: https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processTimesDisplayInit.do
  5. Univemp

    Background checks

    @Ashley 2017. I never had any traffic violations, so I did not have to attach any documentation. I looked up the processing times as provided by the USCIS website https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processTimesDisplayInit.do Look up your FO from the drop down menu and look up the processing time for N400.
  6. Univemp

    Background checks

    Nope, I am still in the same boat. I have been "In-line for Interview Scheduling since December 7, 2016."
  7. Univemp

    Background checks

    I applied in November 2016, A couple of days after my Biometrics in December 2016 (December 7th) i was placed "Inline for interview scheduling". Yet to get an update after that or the interview letter. I guess it depends on the processing time of the USCIS FO. I looked up mine and found they were still processing April 2016. So one just has to sit tight...if the case is "In-line for interview scheduling", one can assume the BC is over..
  8. Univemp

    Is J-1 waiver necessary?

    Thanks Jairichi! I was thinking along the same lines. No harm in processing all documents required for the J-1 waiver. Also, I will suggest the student to get the advisory opinion, and be ready to file for the waiver if it becomes necessary. I did check and found that Czech Republic is one of those countries that does not figure in the list of countries with special skills required for the 2 year residence, but then again, one never knows how USCIS will look at it.
  9. Univemp

    Is J-1 waiver necessary?

    Hi All, A student from the Czech Republic visited my lab back in 2012-2013 for almost a year and availed of the J-1 visa for the visit. There was no two year rule applicable to the student either in the DS-2019 or in the visa the embassy issued. Subsequently, after another year, of staying in C.R. the student was again granted a J-1 from my University from December 2014. This time the 2 year residency requirement was marked on the DS-2019. However, during the interview the student did mention that the funds to support the stay is from a non-governmental agency. As a result, the J-1 visa issued clearly states "not subject to the 2-year residency rule (212e)". The student has already received an offer for a job from a prestigious University and they will process the H1B sometime later in 2015. Under the circumstances, is it necessary for the student to obtain a J-1 waiver? Or should the student get an advisory opinion from DOS?
  10. Your previous H1B may get revoked if you have left your previous company. They are required to do that by law. Your current H1B approved by a different company and valid upto Sep 2015 will need to be stamped at the US Consulate in India, since you will be leaving the country. You would need to have both I-797 and current visa on your passport, its safer, otherwise you may risk getting denied entry at POE.
  11. Univemp

    AOS (I-485, EAD, AP) timelines

    Received Permanent Resident card (GC) on January 13th (Friday the 13th) 2012.
  12. Univemp

    GC Processing being outside USA

    An update: I did not leave the country. I filed for AOS as per advise of my attorney, my EAD/AP got approved in 63 days and my I-485 approved in 101 days. So all's well and I am back on the job with a GC.
  13. Hi Rajadurai, I got my EAD/AP combo card in 63 days and now my I-485 approval also came through in 101 days. Stay and stick it out would be my advise...wait till you get the EAD/AP then you will be fine. Usually this is given in 90 days...
  14. Univemp

    H1 Approved Consulate Notified - Please Advice.

    Hi All, When the USCIS notification says Consulate Notified, its positive that the Change of status has not been approved and you need to leave the country immediately and get visa stamping from abroad...I had similar notification, but then my EB1A got approved. So, i stayed back without job, filed AOS and now my GC got approved in 101 days. i also got EAD/AP in 63 days...but cases like mine are rare...
  15. Univemp

    H1 Approved Consulate Notified - Please Advice.

    You could go to Chennai for stamping...just make the appointment before you go is all. They will then have your details.