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  1. Can we change job as soon as we receive the EAD especially during special circumstances such as employer losing contract etc? Thanks
  2. Hi, My spouse is on H4-EAD and applying for a job that requires Public trust clearance. If at all the Public trust was denied for her, would that affect my H1B visa renewal (H1-B expires in 2019) or I-485 filing in the future? Thanks a lot, Supriya
  3. Hi all, I hold a valid H4-EAD currently, which is expiring in early March 2016, just over a month from now. My spouse's application to extend the current H1B (and my H4) visa is currently under USCIS process since October 2015. Once we receive the H1/H4 extension approval, we should be able to apply for H4-EAD extension. However, the processing time for H4 EAD is 3 months. Given the current situation, It is practically impossible to get the H4-EAD extension approval before it expires (early Mar 2016). Couple questions - 1) Is there a way to expedite the H4-EAD extension application process? 2) Whether I should be able to work while waiting for the H4-EAD extension approval? Thanks a lot, Supriya
  4. Supriya1

    My VISA Experience @ Vancouver Canada

    Hi ultimate warrior, Did you get your visa stamped? Could you please post your interview experience? I (H1B - 8 th year, extended based on approved I-140) am planning to go with my wife (H4) for visa stamping in Vancouver consulate. Thank You, Priya