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  1. broncos222

    H1 Stamping Islamabad

    Hi I am going in December to Pakistan and will need to stamp my new H1 visa. My last visa was done in 2009. I was wanting to know if anyone knows how fast they are doing the visas and if they are delaying people in administrative processing. Any information will be highly appreciated.
  2. broncos222

    221(g) Additional Petition-Related Information

    Good luck. Do update when your H1 is approved.
  3. broncos222

    221(g) Additional Petition-Related Information

    good luck. Could you tell me how many days after you showed your paperwork to American express that you got the interview date?
  4. broncos222

    221(g) Additional Petition-Related Information

    What paperwork did they require. Was this your first H1 stamping?
  5. did u get your visa done in canada?
  6. broncos222

    NEW H1

    Hi I got my first H1 in oct 2008. At present I have filed for my I140. My present H1 with my new company expires in jan 2013. If my I140 is approved before that will I get a 3 year H1 extension no matter how much time remains on my H1. I spent 6 months out of the country also. Will I be able to get that 6 months back for my new H1 thanks
  7. Hi I am on H1 visa while my wife is on H4. Her sister is a US citizen. I heard that if she applies for a i130 for her while we are in the US we can get the GC in a couple of years. I know for US citizens to sponsor married sister the PD is 2000 but someone told me as we are already in the US we can get it much faster. Is it true? If so how? Thanks