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  1. Mine was filed on 10/29 as well. Still no receipt
  2. raj2close

    Employment Based greencard

    Employment based Green Card process is for future employment. You can start this process now but if you depend on the green card to be approved to begin employment you will have to wait very very very long time if in EB2 or EB3 category. Even if you are willing to wait 10 years get GC in EB2 or EB3 your employer most likely will not wait. H1B and Green Card process are independent in some sense. H1B is for temporary employment and EB based GC is for permanent employment. The job requirement and function can be different for H1B and for PERM
  3. raj2close

    H1 B transfer - receipt timelines

    Our employer filed H1B renewal in premium. H1B/H4 approved in 10 days from receipt. It is 9 days since online status shows 'approved' but still attorney's office haven't received original I-797. I have to travel in 10 days from now. Does anyone have an idea why does USCIS mail the original I-797s?
  4. raj2close

    DS-160 help please

    You have to answer "YES" for this question in DS-160. You were denied a visa. There cannot be a different answer.
  5. raj2close

    Use new I-797

    Where is Stanley center?
  6. raj2close

    H1B Visa Stamping Hyderabad

    What is the answer for question # 4?
  7. raj2close

    Use new I-797

    I will be flying from US to Hyderabad in 2 weeks from now & have booked H1B visa appointment on July 16 in Hyderabad using my current I-797 which expires on Oct 19th, 2018. Just recently I got my renewed I-797 which starts from Oct 20rd, 2018 till Oct 19th, 2021. If I update my profile, submit a new DS-160 with latest I-797 & appear for interview --> if visa approved then what will be start date on visa stamp? Will I be able to fly back to US as planned on August 1st, 2018?
  8. Do you have a Masters degree from the US?
  9. raj2close

    H1b Extension processing - Dead slow

    Mine had a receipt date of Nov 7th, 2015. Case approved on March 29, 2016 on website upon checking status