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  1. +1 regarding "Trying to retaliate is a rather despicable idea. Just go on with your life." Take the advice, say 5, 10, 20 years later you will appreciate having done so. Good luck.
  2. Hi, for parents (Indian citizens) of green card holders, is there a possibility of bringing them to USA, other than tourist visa? I would like them to live with me and take care of them. Or is the only option to wait to apply for my citizenship and then sponsor their GC? Thanks.
  3. Hi, If one left US when EB AOS appl was pending (have valid AP), and now AOS approved (card production ordered), can one re-enter on AP? H1 stamp expired. thanks.
  4. username

    Request for Initial Evidence - PD Not current

    Hi, for I-485 RFE, will the applicant as well as lawfirm receive a postal mail from USCIS? Or only lawfirm? It has been a week since RFE email but no postal mail yet... In the past, email to postal mail has taken 3-4 days max. thanks, ---
  5. Hello, H1 and H4 extension applications were sent to uscis together. Got the H4 approval notice 2 weeks ago but not H1. Is that not strange? Points to some problem to me. USCIS has been contacted but no reply. No RFE or anything like that.
  6. Hi, After having received appointment letter to appear for FP on a given date and given ASC, how to reschedule to a different date and different ASC? Is it even possible? I have already filed AR-11 for address change. thanks.
  7. Hi, mother of US citizen came to US on B1/B2 visa. While in USA, I-485 applied; and before approval or biometrics mother left USA. A few months later mother wants to come back to US on same valid B1/B2 visitor visa. Is entry allowed by CBP official at port of entry? The biometric appt could not be kept and we have asked uscis for new date. thanks.
  8. Hi, There is a 2 day difference between DoB as stated in my BC and as stated in all other docs such as Xth class, passport, license etc. With my I-485 appl, I have submitted an affidavit stating that I was indeed born on the day stated in passport... Have not rec'd any RFE, but checking if such a scenario could cause one? thank you. ---
  9. username

    Can I work part time in unrelated field?

    Can a reference citation be provided for the statement "it is possible to be found out of status if a H1/L1 (or H4/L2, or F1/2) person spends most of his/her time trading"? On the contrary to the above, passive investment in the stock market as a retail investor is allowed and not considered unauth empl. Citation - http://www.murthy.com/2012/12/11/home-based-businesses-inadvertent-unauthorized-employment/ So, if one has a H1 LCA that says employed for 40hrs a week as s/w engineer, the H1 visa holder is free to work for the remaining 128 hours in the week doing trading via Etrade/Fidelity etc... oh of course markets aren't open for those 128 hours. Nevertheless, you get the idea...
  10. Hello, EAD is expiring in 3 weeks; renewal submitted to USCIS and am waiting for receipts. Can employment continue after EAD expiry based on USCIS receipts? I guess I9 updation cannot accept receipt doc, but still checking with you... thx!
  11. username

    Continued employment during EAD renewal

    Hello, EAD is expiring in 3 weeks. Renewal has been submitted, waiting for receipts. Should employment and receipt of paychecks cease during period betw EAD expiry and receipt of renewed cards? Or can employment continue on basis of USCIS receipt notice? thx!!
  12. Hello, If one wants to change jobs using AC21, is there any value in retaining same lawfirm that original employer paid for? Given that first AC21 has to be filed and then job can be changed, looks like original employer's lawfirm may not be able to take up the case because of conflict of interest. Am I right? I'm thinking that to make the new employer pay the old lawfirm has benefits if there are RFEs or any issues - and the original lawfirm can continue to handle the case. Or does this really not matter, and a good (newly engaged) lawfirm can handle it? Thanks in advance for your opinion. FYI - Murthy lawfirm is not handling my case. Regards. <=>
  13. username

    EAD and LLC/1099

    Thx for the reply. Is e-verify related to 1099 employment in any way? If I travel and re-enter US, assuming I have my existing H1 job, can I enter on H1 status?
  14. username

    EAD and LLC/1099

    Hello folks, can someone tell me if I can work "on 1099" terms having EAD (and i-485 pending for over 180 days). Sorry if the Q is vague. Do I need to establish an LLC to be a 1099 worker? Can one do so on EAD? thank you. ---
  15. username

    Can an old PD and Labor Cert be reused?

    Thanks for the replies. Is it possible to get info regarding that old filing from INS/USCIS ? I read an article on murthy.com about how one of their clients 'suddenly' and unexpectedly got the GC and wanted to make sure everything was in order but at the same time didnt want to rock the boat; so they checked with USCIS on a basis something like "Right to Information" and saw the whole file (must have been more like a pile of files!) from start to finish. I beleive that old empl filed for Labor Cert and I-140 for me... can't remember unfortunately.