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  1. smi4975

    TRavelling on EAD/AP combo Card

    Hello, I was on my H1B visa before i got the EAD/AP combo card through joint filing with my husband. Our I-485 is in pending status and i'm continuing to work on my EAD. I did not get my H4 stamped yet. We are travelling to India for the first time after receving our EAD/AP Card. My question is: 1. Do i need to get my H4 stamped to come back to US? 2. Can i use the EAD/AP card to return back? 3. In addition to the EAD/AP combo card do i need to carry any other documents to show at the Port of Entry while returning?? Please let me know as we are travelling in Oct and i have very less time to get things going.Appreciate your help!!!
  2. smi4975

    RFE on June 14th 2013

    Hello All, I'm also sailing in the same boat as all others. I applied for 485 through my husband. When we applied for 485 i was on my H1B and was working. But after my H1B expired i'm continuing to work on my EAD. Does that mean that i need to submit my EAD copies as well as my Employment details?? But the RFE asks for the Primary applicant which i'm not... Please someone advise accordingly. We really don't know what documents to submit for this case.
  3. smi4975

    RFE on 485

    Hello All, My husband is the primary applicant( I140 is on his name and thru his employer), and i filed for the I485 with him as a dependent in Jan 2012. when i filed for the 485 i was still on my H1B which got expired in Nov 2012. We got the EAD within 2 mths time and now the EAD is valid till 2015. After Nov 2012, i applied for my H4 Visa but the stamping is not yet done. This to give a background. I got the RFE on my 485 last week asking for aditional details. We were not able to figure out what exactly is needed. Can someone please advise what documents need to be submitted? My husband's case status also shows as RFE but he has not personally received any letter. So we are not sure what needs to be done. Please advice. <<attached is the RFE details>> --Thanks to all...
  4. smi4975

    H1B to H4 with EAD

    Hello, I'm currently on my H1B and it expires in Nov 2012. But i also have my EAD after we filed for the I-485 thru my husband. currently working on my EAD( valid till Jan 2013). I cannot further extend my H1B( completing 6 yrs) so, i have applied for the H4 thru my husband's employer.Also we have filed for the EAD renewal as well. My husband has the H1B approval valid till 2014 but has not got it stamped. My question to you is 1. I know i can continue to stay and work in US on my EAD but since my visa gets expired in Nov will i have to get the H4 stamping done immediately to keep my visa status active? 2. What will be the implications if i don't get the H4 stamped immediately? 3. Since my husband's H1 is valid till 2014 does it not imply that i can also stay here without stamping till 2014? Please let me know accordingly Thanks..
  5. smi4975

    Need help on EAD/H1

    thank you for the details. Appreciate the feedback
  6. smi4975

    Need help on EAD/H1

    Hello, My husband had filed for his GC thru his employer( PD - July 2008). I was working here in US on my H1B with a different Employer. After we got married, and when the PD became current we jointly filed for the I-485 in Dec 2011. We got our EAD in FEb 2012( valid till Jan 2013). In the Meanwhile, my 6 yrs of H1 is expiring in Nov 2012. My question to you was, 1. Will i be able to apply for my H1b extension ( after 6 yrs) thru my employer? 2. If not, will i be able to work on my EAD? Will it affect my current employment? 3. What should i ask my Employer to do in case i plan to work on my EAD? I'm not planning to quit my job currently and so does my husband. in such a situation what can i do? Please help!!!